Pros on Bikes: Why Biking To Work Is Good For You Even Though You May Think Differently

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As bikers and drivers share the road, you and your bike should be just as well lit if you expect to see and be seen.

In the USA, May 14 is a special day, workers are being urged to jump on their bikes and wheel away to work. So why is this idea about commuting on two wheels bringing on a headache? According to an American Community Survey carried out in 2013, each day, more than 62,000 people who live in the Bay Area already use the bicycle to cycle to work on a daily basis. So nothing new there.

But with the Bike to Work Day, just around the corner thousands of people should be biking to work in the Bay Area. However, among these are many people who will be biking for the first-time to work. You may want to come up with all kinds of excuses, that may just cause you to get cold feet and jump into the bus, after all.

Riding a bicycle in traffic can be a deadly affair

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Indeed, riding a bike is a risky affair as is illegal internet gambling in the US but you can learn to ride safely in traffic. Often it is the fault of careless drivers, why there are a recorded 726 deaths per year, in the USA among bikers. For, bicycling in traffic accounts for less than 2% of all traffic fatalities, while bicycle trips represents only 1% of all trips in the United States.

The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition is one group that is trying to improve safety for bikers by reducing danger on the streets and implementing bike lanes with barriers. For, 70% of serious and deadly accidents take place on 12% of all road surfaces in the city. Bikers should also try to choose the less dangerous routes adapted for cyclists, if they exist.

California laws prohibits bikers from cycling without a white headlight and reflectors

Most people finish work late and it is almost always dark when they get ready to go home or to hit the gym or indulge in any other after-work activities such as gambling which is allowed in certain states under US gambling laws, California included. But you should all be aware that there are so many biking gears adapted for riding your bike at night. In California, bikers are required under California laws, to have a white headlight and reflectors when it’s dark.

There are the famous blinking lights that you can install on your helmet, bike or clothes, most of which you can take a look at after you’ve finished playing your online internet casino game, such as on e-bay or chain reaction cycles etc. A red taillight, flashing or not, should be worn only behind you, like on your backpack or biking coat. Like a car, red lights are for the rear and white lights are for the front. Also wearing something reflective on your shoes or ankles can help you to shine.

Park and Ride…your bike

Right now, with water a scarce commodity in California, you are almost guaranteed a safe and dry ride. But should it rain, you can sport a beanie on your helmet as well as you can wear a waterproof jacket and pants that you can slip off once you get to work. In chilly morning weather, wear a mask, like a balaclava (yes, like those robbers used to rob banks in the movies), add gloves and think of wearing warm thin clothing on top of your work clothes.

Bike locking

If you are not comfortable riding all the way to work, why not drive halfway to work, park and then jump on your bike? Bike thieves are rampant not only in California but all over the world. So you may want to lock that bike. A word to the wise: go for a heavy-duty U-lock. It is much more sturdy and thief-deterrent than a normal anti-theft bike cable.

Shape up on your bike

Trust us on this just as you would when we advise you to try out mobile betting for fun or real money. Of course, you can find bike lockers and bike stations all over or at least a secure, yes – secure, bike rack to attach your bike. And please remember to lock-up those quick release tires, too. Also, If you think you are so out of shape then think what riding every day to work on a bike can do for your health.

Cycling is like any physical activity, just cheaper and probably saves time. Perhaps you could commence by biking once a week then if you like it, up the frequency. For, biking to work is can be quicker than driving in traffic or taking public transportation, especially during peak hours. So put away those lame excuses and start biking to go make money.

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