PSG’s Performance May See Swede Zlatan Move To MLS

Posted: October 7, 2015

Updated: October 6, 2017

With the rumor mill in full effect PSG’s performance recently, and indeed in the league they dominate so totally, has led to some interesting bits of gossip about Swedish international Zlatan Ibrahimovic leaving the French league leaders and moving to a league far, far away across the Atlantic.

Ibrahimovic Going To Orlando?

• PSG’s performance not good enough?
• Ibrahimovic moving next year?
• Will Swede head to the MLS?

Three years into his stint at Paris Saint-Germain the Swedish juggernaut that is Zlatan Ibrahimovic put two by Marseille last Sunday to take him one goal clear of the previous club scoring record. His 110 goals exceeds that of Pauletta who took five years and 212 matches to grab his 109 goal, something Ibrahimovic did in just 133 games. This would seem to easily answer recent critics who complained of a dip in form after Sweden’s disappointing international results.

“It does not surprise me that he managed to break this record in such a short time,” said Laurent Blanc, head coach at PSG of Ibrahimovic’s new tally, “This is a very good player, a great player. You just have to see the number of goals he scores. These are non-typical players with non-typical statistics.” It should be noted that whilst the two goals that tipped him over the top came in a win against Marseille PSG’s performance was far from perfect. “We could have had a third.” admitted Blanc.

Of course those that like to bet on sports in Sweden and have been following PSG’s performance will be only too happy that one of their own has secured such a prestigious record in the France, and done it with such rapid ease, however they will also be painfully aware that there are still rumors swirling about possible moves for Zlatan Ibrahimovic next year, with none of them seeing him move home to Sweden but instead possibly strike out further afield.

From Ligue 1 to the MLS For Ibrahimovic?

Ibrahimovic to Orlando City?

Surely there must be more serious offers for Zlatan than that

The most recent of these, each of which seems destined to be more unbelievable than the last, sees the Swedish international ditch the complaints about PSG’s performance not really echoing their dominant position in the top flight of French football, by leaving the shores of Europe entirely and shifting across the Atlantic to a team in Major League Soccer over in the USA. If that sounds familiar it should, this isn’t the first time this rumor has come round.

A few months ago there were serious hints in the Swedish press that PSG’s performance in Ligue 1 had left left Ibrahimovic worried it was not pressed hard enough by the competition to reveal the very best of his skills and that rather than move back to Sweden to find a more competitive league to compete in Zlatan would be moving over to the turbulence of the MLS. At the time Ibrahimovic himself said he’d prefer to move home, but this was dismissed as public relations not indication of intention.

Of course if you’re Swedish gambling laws media coverage, particularly that on the internet, typically somewhat over-eggs rumors of this variety, there’s a good chance you’ll be right. Certainly the Italian footballing site “Tuttomercato” has a reputation of being on the money more often than not, but it’s latest rumor that Zlatan Ibrahimovic is planning a move to Orlando City SC is perhaps as wayward as PSG’s performance has been in absolute terms over recent games.

PSG’s Performance May Prompt Move For Zlatan

Ibrahimovic in Disney World

It’s hard to imagine with the salary caps that Orlando could afford him

Orlando City SC has been rumored to have numerous feelers out looking to attract big name talents with hefty wage packets and the chance to play in a far more wide open league. This has included some rather optimistic leaks that they’re very interested in signing Portuguese striker Cristiano Ronaldo, which have been met by wry smiles. There isn’t a team in the world that doesn’t want to sign Cristiano Ronaldo, but whether Ronaldo would swap money for the MLS is another matter.

Major League Soccer has certainly done well to expand its audience in the US since its inception, building well on the performance of the US national team in the last world cup competition. However there is still some stigma amongst foreign fans and players when it comes to Americans in football, and whilst there have been some notably successful transfers across the Atlantic, Ibrahimovic might find it more irritating to live and work in the USA than struggle on with PSG’s performance issues.

ComeOn! Sportsbook cover a full range of opportunities for gambling on both the MLS and Ligue 1 with PSG getting 1.28 to win against Bastia who garner just 9.50, whilst across the pond Orlando City SC are eight points off the pace, some four points behind the NE Revolution and another four behind D.C. United in the MLS Eastern Conference and 100/1 to top the table come the end of the season. They need the help but I’m not going to be gambling news of Ibrahimovic joining them will materialize any time soon however much money they offer.

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