Quarterbacks with the most passing touchdowns in a single NFL game

Drew Brees most passing touchdowns in a single NFL game club

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees is the latest player to tie the record for the most passing touchdowns in a single NFL game.

• Brees joined seven scoring machines
• Third QB with 7 TDs in a game in three years
• Peyton Manning was the first QB throwing 7 TD since the merger

In the terrific 2015 NFL regular season game against the New York Giants, New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees registered 7 touchdown passes, the most in the history of NFL. Kicker Kai Forbath secured the 52-49 victory for the Saints at the very end of an unforgettable encounter, that was a thrilling experience to watch even for hardcore US online gambling players.

Eli Manning also had 6 touchdown passes and this takes us to the record for the most (combined) passing TDs in a game with 13. The biggest individual historic achievement belonged to Brees, who joined those QBs with the most passing touchdowns in a single NFL game.

8 players with most passing touchdowns in an NFL game

Eight players have been able to score seven touchdowns in a game so far, but only three since the 1970 AFL-NFL merger. As the running game became more important in the 1970s and the 1980s at most NFL franchises, it is understandable that the record for the most passing touchdowns in a single NFL game wasn’t matched in those decades and not in the following 20 years.

In the last decade however, passing game has became more important than ever, supported and protected by the rules. At the same time, quarterbacks became more and more crucial to pick their targets in the end zone, so it is no surprise that the three quarterbacks with the most passing touchdowns in an NFL game since the merger achieved this feature in the last three seasons. But who is this magnificent seven with seven TDs in a game Drew Brees just joined?

Sid Luckman, 1943

Sid Luckman Chicago Bears

Luckman achieved his seven TDs against the Giants

Hall of fame Chicago Bears quarterback, Sid Luckman spent twelve seasons in the NFL with George Halas’ team. His name is associated with the T-Formation and a list of NFL records. His best year was 1943 and in that season, he achieved the first NFL game with 400+ passing yards and seven touchdown passes against the New York Giants in a 56–7 win.

Adrian Burk, 1954


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Adrian Burk

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Adrian Burk also threw seven touchdowns in a 49-21 regular season victory against the Washington Redskins. He spent half a decade with the Eagles before retiring and becoming a lawyer. Later he worked as an NFL back judge (field judge), officiating in the game when Joe Kapp matched his record for the most passing touchdowns in a single NFL game. He was the first NFL official to signal a touchdown by the most controversial play of NFL history, the ‘Immaculate Reception’ in 1972.

George Blanda, 1961


George Blanda 7 TDs 1961

In that famous game

Pro Football Hall of Famer George Blanda played 26 seasons in the NFL (1949-1975), the most by any player in the history of the league. Being a quarterback and a placekicker at the same time, he registered several point records during his career. In November, 1961, leading the Houston Oilers vs the New York Titans, he had seven touchdown passes in a 49-13 victory.

Y. A. Tittle, 1962

Y A Tittle 7 touchdowns

Tittle previously became an iconic figure of the 49ers

Next season another Hall of Fame QB matched the record for the most passing touchdowns in an NFL game. Y. A. Tittle is closely associated with the San Francisco 49ers and his characteristic throwing style. But he led the New York Giants to a 49-34 victory against the Washington Redskins in 1962. That season was the second of three consecutive ones when Tittle was named as NFL MVP before his retirement after his infamous injury against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Joe Kapp, 1969

Joe Kapp

Might not be Hall of Famer, but hey, he played in 3 different prestigious title games

Though Joe Kapp did not have that kind of impact on the NFL like the gentlemen above, but he is a hero for many of those, who bet on sports in Canada, being a Canadian football hall of fame member. He is also the only player to quarterback in all of the Super Bowl, Rose Bowl, and the Grey Cup. He threw seven touchdowns for the Minnesota Vikings in a 52-14 victory against the Baltimore Colts in 1969.

Peyton Manning, 2013

Peyton Manning 7 TDs against Baltimore 2013

Modern passers are a lot better protected, but it’s still quite a feat

43 years after the 1970 AFL-NFL merger, fans and internet betting players were able to cheer for arguably the best quarterback ever to play a game throwing seven touchdowns against title holders Baltimore Ravens. The Denver Broncos won the kickoff game of the 2013 NFL season 49-27 and went on to reach the Super Bowl that year, but eventually lost 43-8 to the Seattle Seahawks.

Nick Foles, 2013

Nick Foles 7 TDs against Oakland 2013

It was an amazing achievement for the young backup

Two months later Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles matched the feature of the future Hall of Famer. Foles wasn’t even the starting quarterback at the time Manning scored seven TDs, but he took over call-playing duties after first-string QB Michael Vick was injured. Foles enjoyed the best game of his three-year spell with the Eagles against the Oakland Raiders, scoring seven touchdowns in a 49-20 win.

Drew Brees, 2015

Brees is another future Hall of Famer, also registering a list of NFL passing record throughout his career. At 36, in the 15th year of his career, in the crazy game against the Giants he added one more entry to his record books. The most accurate passer ever is expected to spend a few more years in the Big Easy, and maybe you would also bet on him throwing eight TDs in a game at online sportsbooks in the US someday.

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