Rebecca James May Be An Excellent Bet In Rio This Weekend

English cyclist

Great Britain has enjoyed numerous successes in cycling over the last decade or so, but can Rebecca James pedal her way to gold at Rio 2016 as she races some of the biggest names in the sport this weekend?

Rebecca James

• Nationality – Welch
• Age – 24
• Sport – Cycling

Mix an inability to see the future with the very human trait of thinking you know better than everyone else and the development and rise of gambling was inevitable. From backing your opinion on the Shaman’s predictions through to the modern internet gaming sites, the evolution of wagering has been almost uninterrupted for many thousands of years despite the frequent imposition of prohibitory laws. One of the relatively recent additions to the betting panthenon is Keirin cycle racing, and in Rio Rebecca James has her sights set on gold.

Rebecca James cyclist

Rebecca “Becky” James has overcome her knee injury and seems to be in top form (photo:

Keirin cycle racing is a Japanese invention from the years just after the war and had gambling at the heart of its inception from the very beginning. The principle is simple enough, the riders start behind a pacer (often a small motorcycle) who rides at a set speed and then, with just a couple of laps left, that fixed speed pace setter moves aside and lets the riders streak in a sprint to the finish. It’s fast paced, action packed and Rebecca “Becky” James is well worth taking advantage of UK gambling laws to back.

Can Rebecca James Wheel Away The Gold In Rio?

The young rider from Abergavenny in Wales demonstrated her talents from an early age and with a family very much into the sport and living at the top of the sort of hill cyclists dread, she was given ample training and practice courtesy of the local cycling club. Cycling is popular in the UK and Rebecca James had a decent framework in which to grow and develop as a rider, getting a third place in 2005 in the under 14s British National Track Championships Omnium and a year later winning the 500m Time Trial.

It was perhaps in 2009 that her true class began to shine through, getting 1st place in the Keirin and Sprint events at the Junior Track World Championships, repeating the feat at the Junior Track European Championships that same year, however her first big test at the Commonwealth Games in 2010 saw her pipped into second in the Sprint and third in the Time Trial, but she wasn’t alone in the UK gambling news of her missing out on gold would only make Rebecca James more eager to win on the biggest of cycling’s stages.

Becky James 3rd place

The Welsch cyclist won bronze at the Cycling World Championships in 2013 (photo:

Will Rebecca Defy The Odds At Bet365?

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• Kristina Vogel – 9/4
• Anna Maeres – 7/2
• Shaung Guo – 11/2

  • Rebecca James – 9/1
  • The London 2012 Olympics were, of course, all Victoria Pendleton, but since then Rebecca James has been one of Britain’s big hopes of a medal in the Velodrome alongside the other famous faces in the British cycling team. In 2013 she took first in both Sprint and Keirin events at the UCI Track World Championships, beating some of the very same rivals that will be on track in Rio 2016 as Rebecca James goes for gold, with an excellent chances of grabbing a medal, even if it may not be gold.

    Of course Bet365 etc give Kristina Vogel (German world number one) the best odds of 9/4 with Australian powerhouse Anna Meares on 7/2, Shuang Guo, silver medalist in London, from China gets 11/2 and Rebecca James is garnering a rather healthy 9/1, and if you like to bet on sports in the UK you could do far worse than an each way bet on Rebecca James this weekend as the Keirin reaches a crescendo and we find out who’ll be the Olympic Keirin champion in the velodrome at Rio 2016.

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