Azmy Mehelba Is Taking On Rio With Both Barrels Blazing

Egyptian sharp shooter

Azmy Mehelba, the skeet shooting Egyptian, is off to Rio but can he improve on his recent performances to pull off the big win in Brazil?

It is possibly best, if one is being as entirely in keeping with the Olympic spirit as possible, to steer clear of a close examination of the history of Skeet shooting events at the games. Whilst very definitely one of the nine original events included in the first modern Olympic games way back in 1896 the somewhat dubious use of live birds as moving targets during now the somewhat critically judged Paris Olympics of 1900 is perhaps best glossed over just as fast as possible, and Azmy Mehelba will be shooting at clay targets, as everyone has since that 1900 feathered massacre.

Azmy Mehelba

• Nationality – Egyptian
• Age – 25
• Sport – Shooting (Skeet)

On paper it would appear that it took another 84 years for women to be allowed competition, however unlikely most Olympic sports shooting for many years allowed both genders to compete side by side. Skeet shooting in its present form has only been part of the games since the 1968 games in Mexico City, since then always produced some of the best matches to wager on, and if you like to bet on sports in Egypt then perhaps a small bet on your fellow countryman Azmy Mehelba may not be out of place.

Azmy Mehelba; The Egyptian Going For Gold With A Gun

Like many Olympians Azmy Mehelba began participating in his chosen sport at a young age and whilst it is entirely fashionable in certain parts of the United States to place firearms in the hands of those still so young they use their fingers to count, there will be a few who will still think it odd to allow even an eleven year old access to a deadly weapon. Certainly a sporting environment is relatively safe but for those brought up in nations where firearms are uncommon, it still seems a tad cavalier to say the least.

Of course Azmy Mehelba demonstrated almost instant talent, taking to the sport like a duck to water, or perhaps more accurately like a very driven young man given access to a sport that is all about focus and reaction. He joined the Egyptian national Skeet shooting team and took part in his first major international competition at the tender age of just 15, however despite much success and going to London 2012, Olympic medals have eluded him. Still, perhaps Rio 2016 will be his day and it’ll be worth taking advantage of the hugely liberal Egyptian gambling laws at sites like Bet365 to back him.

Egyptian Olympic shooter

Azmy Mehelba is one of Egypt’s most promising athletes to bring home gold (photo:

Bet365 May Give Him Just 8/1 But Could Azmy Mehelba Surprise Everyone In Rio?

Rio 2016 Men’s Skeet Shooting

• Vincent Hancock – 5/4
• Gabriele Rossetti – 5/1
• Marcus Svensson – 6/1

  • Azmy Mehelba – 8/1
  • Azmy Mehelba will be up against some stiff competition in Rio, but for the last couple of years he’s been going from strength to strength, and when the final comes round on Sunday the chances are he’ll be there taking a shot at the gold. Winner in the African championship in 2014, the Afro-Asian championship the same year, he got silver in the World Cup finals in Azerbajian too, but then sixth place at the World Championships in Lonato was disappointing and a Bronze at the Arab championship in Rabat has just made him hungry for the success he knows he’s capable of.

    Whether he can shoot his way past the favorite to take gold, Vincent Hancock (who already has two, one from Beijing 2008 and London 2012) the American garnering 5/4 odds at Bet365 is debateable, and with Gabriele Rossetti from Italy at 5/1, Sweden’s Marcus Svensson at 6/1 the odds you can get on Azmy Mehelba of 8/1 actually hint at this being a tricky challenge for the Egyptian gambling news on Monday will be of his victory. Is Rio 2016 going to be the year Azmy Mehelba shows what he can do?
    We’ll find out this weekend.

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