Regulator Lowers Lithuania Casino Permit Cost for Gambling Houses

Lithuanian gambling regulator lowers casino licensing fees to generate more gambling income.

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Lithuanian State Gaming Control Commission (Valstybinė Lošimų Priežiūros Komisija – LVPK), acting upon a recent Government Decree lowered the licensing fee for registration of gambling devices, the authorization to open a casino, slot machines, bingo salons, sweepstakes and betting.

The move to amend Lithuanian gambling laws came after disappointing tax revenues from the gambling sector. The Lithuanian government had long practiced an anti-gambling policy which was responsible for the creation of brutally high gambling fees.

According to online gambling news in Lithuania, the structure of gambling fees in Lithuania was designed on purpose to keep the numbers of gambling devices and casino tables to a bareback minimum.

Of course, on the other side of the coin, when there are too few gambling tables and slots in Lithuania, the overall tax revenues will be lower as well. The lowering of the fees is intended as a way for the government to increase the overall number of gaming machines and tables in Lithuanian gambling establishments.

The required permit for gambling or lottery companies was dropped from 1303 LTL to 666 LTL. The general inclusion of the numbers ‘13’ and ‘666’ shows the disregard the government has towards the casino industry. This is the reason why residents are forced to gamble at foreign based online casino in Lithuania.

Other decreases:

– License fee to open a slot salon 4208 LTL

– License fee to open a bingo salon 4208 LTL

– License fee to open a casino 4208 LTL

– Licensing fee for sweepstakes 1586 LTL

– Approval of gaming regulations 1303 LTL

– Approval of changes to gaming regulations 666 LTL

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