Replacing Nikki Haley – Early Betting Predictions


Posted: October 12, 2018

Updated: October 12, 2018

Current most high-profile changes in the Trump administration, caused speculations all over the world, especially - in the U.S. The horse race to replace Nikki Haley in the United Nations has officially started. But who will be Trump’s chosen one?

Who will replace Nikki Haley?

# Candidate Odds
1. Richard Grenell +175
2. Dina Powell +200
3. Jon Huntsman +700
4. Jared Kushner +800
5. Ivanka Trump +2500
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The “best people” Donald Trump has appointed are leaving their positions one by one. After every dismissal or resignation, speculations arise who will be the next to leave. However, after Nikki Haley’s surprise resignation,  the main question is who will be her replacement as the USA ambassador to the UN? The president will announce his decision in a few weeks, likely before the midterm elections. This means that a horse race has already started inside the administration circles.

Who are the early favorites? Several names have already floated – including first daughter Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner. Trump says that “no one more competent in the world” than his daughter Ivanka, however, bookmakers do not think so. Let’s’ discuss one by one who has the highest odds to replace Nikki Haley?

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner
Ivanka Trump with Jared Kushner

Next UN Ambassador – Odds & Predictions

1. Dina Powell

Dina Habib Powell
Dina Habib Powell

Dina Powell is currently a top executive at Goldman Sachs, former deputy to National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster, with a focus on Middle East policy. She is highly regarded for her political and diplomatic skills. And as an addition, she is fluent in Arabic. According to The Washington Post, Powell focused on creating public-private partnerships in the Middle East to rebuild and renew areas destroyed by war.

However, no one is perfect. She has one problem; she remains unpopular with Trump’s base, especially Steve Bannon. In case you would like to bet on the next female ambassador to the UN, Bovada set 2.0 as Powell winning odds.

2. Jon Huntsman

Jon Huntsman
Jon Huntsman

Huntsman is currently serving as the U.S, ambassador to Russia. His life-long experience as diplomat and foreign affairs expert put him in a unique position. And the fact that he has received unanimous support in his previous Senate confirmations, gives him an obvious advantage. Previously he served as the governor of Utah, he was staff assistant to President Ronald Reagan, ambassador to China during former President Barack Obama’s administration, and ambassador to Singapore during former President George H.W. Bush’s administration.

Huntsman has a perfect profile, but if you would like to bet on Huntsman, for some reason his odds are not very, Bovada weighted his chances as 7.0

3. Richard Grenell

He is Trump’s rising start and ambassador to Germany. Online sportsbook sites in the USA weighted Grenell chances to win as 1.75. President would like Grenell to stay in Europe, but Trump never ruled him out from the race, He is often mentioned as “family favorite” for the republicans, and his candidate is far more in line with the president’s hardline base. Between, 2001-2008 Grenell served as the U.S. spokesman at the UN. He is both the longest-serving U.S. spokesperson to the United Nations as well as the rare political appointee to have served in all of the last three presidential administrations.

Richard Grenell
Richard Grenell

Online sportsbook news sites in the U.S. also discuss Ivanka & Jared, – with no diplomatic experience whatsoever, the first daughter of the U.S. denied her possible appointment and laughed at the speculation this morning”. Her husband tried himself in diplomacy and attempted to establish peace between Israel and Palestine. However, his attempts were unsuccessful and he was highly criticized for his handling of the situation.

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