Legend tells that long time ago, Mars was inhabited by humans, and we made it so utterly polluted that humans had to move to the Earth, and colonize it. Now the same happens with the Earth. According to the clime scientists Earth is becoming dangerously polluted. Different states and entities are working on solving this problem; offered solutions vary in scope and means. One of the ideas discussed is to consider Mars as an alternative. ... read more

Current most high-profile changes in the Trump administration, caused speculations all over the world, especially – in the U.S. The horse race to replace Nikki Haley in the United Nations has officially started. But who will be Trump’s chosen one? ... read more

Following the record-breaking LOL 2017 World Championship in China, pioneers in the world of Esports, Korea will be the host region of the LOL 2018 World Championship. Bragging rights, money and the most prestigious title in the game is at stake. In the dramatic competition, the winner of five of the past seven world championships will try to defend the title. ... read more