Humans on Mars: Experts Bet on SpaceX


Posted: October 12, 2018

Updated: October 12, 2018

Legend tells that long time ago, Mars was inhabited by humans, and we made it so utterly polluted that humans had to move to the Earth, and colonize it. Now the same happens with the Earth. According to the clime scientists Earth is becoming dangerously polluted. Different states and entities are working on solving this problem; offered solutions vary in scope and means. One of the ideas discussed is to consider Mars as an alternative.

Which company will send the first Human to Mars?

# Company Odds
1. SpaceX 1.3
2. Blue Origin 4.04
3. Boeing 6.05
4. United States Space Force 12.5
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Maybe our historic memory is the main driving force for the curiosity which makes us to want to know more about Mars and explore it. Or it’s just a scientifically supported and economically validated idea. In this article we would like to discuss the perspectives of Mars colonization, scientific facts as well as speculations of bookmakers if it’s worthy to bet on SpaceX.

First Human on Mars – Predictions

Image result for elon muskWith the purpose to reach the red planet, Plans are being drawn up for a lunar way station, the vehicles necessary to reach it are built and research labs are analyzing environmental conditions of Mars, to make human body more adaptable to it. Government, NASA, Elon Musk, they all have different purpose but aim is the same, to send and successfully land first human being on the Mars.

First and main question is – when? Setting a deadline is necessary in order to make sufficient budgeting, being able to raise funds, negotiate with sponsors and motivate scientists. Main date set by online sportsbook sites in the U.S. circulates around 01.01.2025. According to their calculations, little more than six year is left until the first human footsteps will occur on Mars. 1xBet Sportsbook measured probability and odds for human to set foot on Mars are 2.605.

NASA does not feel urgency and would like to achieve this goal around 2030-2035, however Elon Musk has more ambitious target. Space X promises to build a base on the moon, launch commercial travel to anywhere on Earth in under an hour, and colonize Mars. BFR (Big Fucking Rocket) is predicted to have the first launch by 2022 and additional four by 2024. Ones that know life history of Musk are sure that he is capable of achieving promised and are betting on SpaceX success.

Falcon Heavy Demo Mission
Falcon Heavy Demo Mission (source: Spacex @Flickr)

Make America Great Again – Space Force

Bet on SpacexThe 1960s-era Apollo program to land U.S. astronauts on the moon was driven by President John F. Kennedy. Donald Trump wants to leave the history on Mars. He is supporting the idea of the US to be the first one reaching the Mars. Congress has increased the budgeting for the projects and it’s highly probable that with the governmental push the United States Space Force will achieve the target. However, it is unlike that Space Force can land on Mars before 2025; even online sportsbook news sites in the U.S. are aware about it and set a 12.5 odd in case you want to bet on Space Force win.

Joining the Forces

Majority of the experts came to the conclusion that in order to successfully land first human on the Mars, it is important to join the forces. NASA will need private companies like SpaceX and additional sponsors from the business field. In case you are not feeling very optimistic about the 2025, betting odds for the first human to land on Mars after 2025 is 1.435.

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