Bet on Knut Hareide’s Leadership of the Christian Democrats

The fate of the Christian Democrats’ leader Knut Arild Hareide is on a knife-edge, after he called his party to end the five years backing of the Conservative Prime Minister Erna Solberg. You can bet on Norwegian politics now, and you can choose whether Hareide will stay or leave his post by the end of this year.

Knut Hareide
Knut Hareide the Christian Democratic Leader since 2011

Knut Hareide to remain the leader of the Christian Democrats (31/12/2018)

Yes 1.10
No 6.00
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Online sportsbook news in Norway reported on an extraordinary national gathering for the Christian Democratic Party to take place in early November this year. The party will decide whether to endorse or reject Hareide’s call for ending the balance of power held in the parliament since 2013. The economist and former political advisor Mr. Hareide is trying to lead his party to a more liberal direction. He openly calls to align with the Labor-led opposition, in a switch that could topple the centre-right government. If Hareide fails to secure a majority support needed, he will have to resign, and you can bet on that at Unibet Sportsbook in Norwegian politics odds section, available until November 02.

Hareide’s Ties with Labors on the Line

Fájl:Erna Solberg, Wesenberg, 2011 (1).jpgKnut Hareide’s flirt with the Labor Party apparently puts his job at risk, with growing opposition among the Christian Democrats. A majority of the small centrist party politicians still want a closer relationship with Solberg’s government, while only 24 percent want ties with Labor and Center party, according to Bloomberg.

Yet according to Norway Today a survey done by NRK, shows that the local leaders in the Christian Democratic Party are divided, and it is still unclear yet whether the majority remain supportive to entering into the current government together with the Conservatives, or they prefer to cooperate with the Labor Party. It remains to be seen what choice of path the Christian Democrats will decide to take, but it will obviously determine Hareide’s future leadership.    

Difficult Year for PM Solberg

A Christian Democrat defection would end Solberg’s long-term goal of forming a center-right majority government. If that happens, it will be due to frequent disagreements on a number of issues, including immigration policy, with Solberg’s junior partner, the right-wing Progress Party.

Image result for Sylvi ListhaugKnut Hareide is in a long-term public dispute with the Justice Minister Sylvi Listhaug from the Progress Party. He threatened to end the parliamentary support last year, after she made controversial comments against Hareide on being too soft in fighting extremism. He also raised speculations to vote in favour of no confidence against Listhaug in last March.

Norwegian politics odds are at a high stake, and the entire future of the country is linked to the Christian Democrats’ decision. According to best online betting sites in Norway like Unibet Sportsbook, a support for Hariede means he will stay the leader of the Christian Democrats with odds at 1.10, but the balance of power will shift to the Labor Party. Whereas rejecting Hariede’s proposal will force him to resign with odds at 6.00, and will secure Solberg’s coalition until the next parliamentary election in 2021.

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