Swedish Fairytale? Bet on Granqvist to sign for Man United

Swedish international Andreas Granqvist has hit the headlines recently, as he claims that Jose Mourinho wants to sign him for Manchester United. The giant club definitely needs a reliable centre back as their defence has been a right mess this season. So is this transfer actually possible? Online sportsbook sites in Sweden believe there’s a chance for it to happen. Let’s find out whether it’s a good idea to bet on Granqvist to sign for Man United.

Bet On Granqvist To Sign For Man United

After spending 5 seasons with Krasnodar in Russia, Andreas Granqvist headed home this year to play for his beloved club, Helsingborg. The 33-years-old defender is in the last years of his career. In the past he’s had a short period as a Wigan player, he has also played in Groningen and Genoa before moving to Russia. He’s had some fine years in football, although he has never played for a giant, world class team. However, the captain of the Swedish national team showed his qualities at the World Cup this year, and he claims that he’s attracted the attention of one of the greatest club in the world.

Pros: A strong player for a bargain price

Andreas Granqvist
Andreas Granqvist

“There is indeed interest. I am honoured that I am linked with such a big club” – claims the veteran defender. Since there’s a real chance that the transfer is happening, we should take a look whether Granqvist would be a quality signing for the Red Devils. The Swedish international is a strong player, who’s great in the air, so he’s typically a player that Jose Mourinho would like. He could be also super cheap to sign, a few million pounds are a bargain for top clubs these days. Especially for a player who has proved his skills at the World Cup this summer.

Cons: An old defender with no useful experience

The criticism begins when we take a look at the clubs Granqvist has played for. Genoa, Groningen and Krasnodar are definitely good teams, but Manchester United is a different level. The minimum expectation for this club is qualifying for the Champions League, and the fans also want their team to compete for the Premier League title. To reach these targets, you need top players, and Granqvist has never played for any club with similar expectations. Furthermore, the 33-years-old player is at the end of his career, and he wouldn’t make the sloppy Man United defence any faster.

Should United Sign Granqvist?
Should the Red Devils sign Granqvist?

Is it actually time to bet on Granqvist to sign for Man United?

While Jose Mourinho is desperate to find a new defender for his team, chairman Ed Woodward is not expected to back the Man United manager with any costly signings. As a result, the Swedish captain could be a realistic target for the Red Devils to strengthen their defence with, and maybe it’s time to bet on Granqvist to sign for Man United . However, online sportsbook sites in Sweden are not so sure about the deal, and Unibet Sportsbook agrees with them: their odds are 5.00 on the event. You can also place a bet if you don’t believe that the miraculous happen will happen in January, the odds are 1.13 on that. We say: watch this space.


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