Would You Risk a Bet Against Merkel Winning the Election?

bet against Angela Merkel winning

Polls show that German rationality is more or less intact, and Angela Merkel will secure her fourth term as Chancellor. Meanwhile, Martin Schulz is hoping for undecided voters to prove everybody wrong. Do you think it’s possible? Then check out the best odds for a sad bet against Angela Merkel winning the election.

The Iron Chancellor seems to be unstoppable as she’s set to score her fourth term in power. The most recent polls forecast 37% of the votes to be in favor of Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and its Bavarian sister party, Christian Social Union (CSU). Though the numbers show Angela Merkel as the clear winner, Martin Schulz of the Social Democratic Party remains hopeful that undecided voters might place their trust in him. “The experience of all elections, national or international, show that the number of undecided people is growing more and more,” said Schulz who is forecasted to harvest 20% of the votes. Merkel does not let the numbers get into her head:

“What I’ve heard in the last days is unbelievable … that everything is already decided. It is not. Every vote counts!”

Check out these odds if you’d bet against Angela Merkel winning the election

Chancellor Party Poll Odds
Angela Merkel CDU / (CSU) 37.8% 1/20
Martin Schulz SPD 23.4% 9/1
Frauke Petry AfD 9.1% 40/1
Sigmar Gabriel SPD 100/1
Christian Lindner FDP 8.4% 100/1

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