Ritson vs Vazquez Betting Odds are Heating

  • The event will eventually take place on Saturday 27 June 2020.
  • Gamblers still confuse in their Ritson vs Vazquez betting odds 
Ritson vs Vazquez betting odds

The main contenders will finally meet on 27 June 2020. Both boxers have had a long lightweight experience so Ritson vs Vazquez betting odds are hard to predict.

Ritson vs Vazquez betting odds are still volatile, however, according to 1xBet, Ritson seems to be the front-runner for now.

Twenty-six years old British boxer Lewis Ritson has currently become the nation’s favorite figure. He has boxing fights with professionals starting from April 2015. He is now planning to fight against Miguel Vazquez soon. Ritson previously also had a light-weighting champion and the minor titleholder of WBA Inter-Continental. Thirty-three years old Mexican boxer, however, has already had boxing fights with British opponents. He has always been eventually turning out to be an underdog. And during the 2010-2014 period, Miguel was becoming the World IBF champion in the lightweight category.

This fight expectations are getting higher. And maybe it will even surprise us with being added to the list of one the shortest fights in the history or longest.

Will Lewis Ritson win Ritson vs Vazquez betting odds?

For the first time in his career, the British boxer will lead the boxing show. So far, Lewis has had 21 fights and won 20 of them. He has only been defeated by Francesco Patera in 2018.

The Ritson’s experience comprises the victories over many huge professionals, so the chances of winning this fight are also high.

Ritson’s most impressive career performance comes back to one of the most awaited fights – Lewis Ritson vs Robbie Davies. Ritson could beat his rival in this fight at the WBA Super-Lightweight crown.

Ritson’s swing of hand is 180 cm with 178 cm height. The striking power of Ritson is huge – he has won 12 early victories. He is also good at fighting in the middle distances.

Miguel Vazquez as the winner

Compared to Ritson, Miguel has also left the peak of the career behind. However, still every boxer desires to have a victory over the Miguel among their trophies. So, Ritson vs Vazquez betting odds can still swap in the Miguel’s favor.

Even though Ritson is running as the front-runner, Miguel still has an advantage over him – his experience. Vazquez had 51 fights and won 42 of them. The Mexican boxer has previously won the IBF lightweight for four years. He made 6 belt defenses at that period, however, he lost to Mickey Bey.

Miguel’s swing of hand 183 cm with the height 178 cm, his parameters are also good. However, the Ritson’s striking power and the speed are stronger than those of Miguel’s.

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