The Shortest Fights in Boxing History

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They didn't spend too much time in there. sachab [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

While it’s very important to organize your energies for the twelve rounds, sometimes the boxing game ends with a quick KO. There are many fights where the entrance of the fighters is way longer than the actual bout. Here is the top 3 shortest fight in boxing history.

While online sportsbooks in the UK are offering a great variety of betting sites, maybe get prepared for the huge matches of December with reading about the shortest fights in boxing history.

The fastest Knockouts

In Minneapolis, Minnesota on 4 Nov 1947, Mike Collins was facing Pat Brownson. Juries were not necessary for that fight since it happened that Collins put Brownson sleeping with the first punch. No counting was needed either the contest was over immediately. The shortest world title fight was going on for 20 seconds. In August of 1993, Gerald McClellan finished Jay Bell with an instant to achieve the WBC middleweight title.

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This is how a knock out looks like.

Some people believe that 17 is a lucky number. For sure it was lucky for Daniel Jimenez when he floored Harald Geier in not more than 17 seconds. The match on the 3d of September in 1994 made it to be one of the shortest fights in boxing history. Through online sportsbooks sites in the US you can make money in less than 17 seconds with the live betting options.

The shortest fights in boxing history – number one

Let me present to you the shortest boxing fight of history.  While the fight was extremely peaceful, one of the fighters still gained minor injuries. We wish him well from here. On Dec 16, 2019, Ruan Visser was stepping into the ring against Tian Fiss with the south African heavyweight champion title on the line. Warming up is one of the most important things when it comes to the bout. Visser made a mistake during his warm-up.  And this mistake was that he trusted the ring. While he was trying to lean to the ropes and bounce back from them, the rope gave up the fight. Visser fell out of the ring. Before even starting the round it was over without a punch.

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