Ronaldo Favorite to Break Champions League Goalscoring Record

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With Real Madrid taking on Liverpool at home in the Champions League, star forward Ronaldo has his eyes on breaking goalscoring records in the elite competition.

Real Madrid’s former striker Raul has a record of 71 goals to his name in the Champions League. Although this represents a very high number that only a few players in professional football have the ability to reach, it was only a matter of time before talents like Ronaldo and Messi came along with their immense ambitions to put their names on the goalscoring charts.

Ronaldo is currently on 70 goals in the European competition which is only 1 short of equaling his old teammate’s record, gambling news reports. Messi on the other hand has scored a total of 69 goals and will have to put on fight against the Portuguese winger who is enjoying incredible form if he is to mount a serious challenge. Ronaldo seems like he is on a scoring cruise control this season, which has made him favorite to break Raul’s record.

Ronaldo has some advantage working in his favor

From his three outings in the Champions League this year he has notched a goal on every single occasion and doesn’t seem to be able to stop scoring with his impeccable form. After sealing his most recent goal against Liverpool on October 22nd, he expressed confidence in his own abilities to break the long-standing record pretty soon, “I’m not worried, I know I’m going to break the record.”

• Ronaldo has 70 CL goals to his name

• Messi is on 69 goals so far

• Real Madrid’s former striker Raul still holds record with 71 goals

Online sportsbooks in Spain have earmarked him to be the first to surpass Raul’s high goal tally, ahead of main competitor Lionel Messi. Taking into considering that Real Madrid play Liverpool tonight, a day before Barcelona take on Ajax, it seems like a serious possibility that may happen. In addition, Los Blancos will be playing at home which will provide Ronaldo with extra comfort and knowledge of the field to find the back of the net.

Unibet Sportsbook has given him odds of 1.33 (1/3) to become the first player to usurp Raul and thus establish himself as the new holder of the goalscoring record in the Champions League. Barcelona’s Argentine forward Messi hasn’t enjoyed the same level of form like his nemesis Ronaldo, clinching two goals in three appearances and is also playing a day later. For this reason, Unibet has assigned odds of 3.30 (23/10) for him to break the record first.

Real Madrid is the absolute favorite against Liverpool

Considering that Ronaldo has so far scored an overall of 22 goals across all competitions, mobile betting sites have no problem giving the favorite odds for scoring in almost any match that he features in. That is why for the game tonight against Brendan Rodgers’ side the winger has been assigned odds of 1.36 (4/11) to clinch a goal at any time, while scoring an opener stands at a lucrative 3.10 (21/10), a fact that is a distinct possibility.

Liverpool have almost no chance of winning heading into the match, as Unibet ranks them complete outsiders with odds being 12.00 (11/1). Real Madrid boasts a fearsome squad that features only the best of footballers in almost any given position, which makes even a draw unlikely 7.00 (6/1). The home side have everything going for them to seal another victory 1.25 (1/4) and make further progress in the Champions League

Although the Portuguese winger is almost certain to make history in the goalscoring table before the Argentine, Messi has a greater chance to score more goals in the long-run. Ronaldo is 29 years of age and will be turning 30 on February 5th next year, which only indicates that he is slowly approaching his final years. This fact plays in Messi’s favor as he is still only 27 which gives him the luxury of more time to clinch more goals to his name.

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