Rosberg’s Exit Leaves Mercedes Betting On Fresh Blood

Mercedes betting

There’s a hole at the top of Formula One and for a change it isn’t the chasm between what audiences want to see and the spectacle the sport actually produces, it’s the gap left by the surprise retirement of new world champion Nico Rosberg, a stepping down that leaves Mercedes betting on a new driver next season being every bit as talented behind the wheel with just a little more maturity once out of the car.

F1 Champ Steps Down

  • Nico Rosberg Retires
  • Five Days a Champion
  • Mercedes seek new driver

It takes skill, determination and luck to win the Formula One world championship and Nico Rosberg had all three in 2016. Unfortunately he also had no social graces, the attitude of a petulant child and a lack of personality that made IKEA furniture look animated and gregarious. His retirement just five days after winning the title shocked the F1 world to it’s core; They couldn’t believe their luck. Sure it might leave Mercedes betting on a new boy behind the wheel, but overall, F1 dodged a bullet.

As anyone who likes to bet on sports in the UK, US or elsewhere will be all too aware that a world champion is a massive exponent of their sport, and whilst racing drivers have long since ceased to be interesting individuals, the era of James Hunt or Gerhart Berger well and truly over, Nico Rosberg left Mercedes gambling he’d not say anything too stupid every time he got near a microphone. A year of Nico being the focus of media attention would have killed an already ailing sport once and for all.

Mercedes Betting Odds At Bet365 Won’t Suffer As Nico Leaves

With falling attendances and viewing figures the pinnacle of motor sport has become mired in concerns over safety (where none should exist, it’s motor sport, not tiddly-winks) and the mammoth dominance of just one team; Mercedes. They won all but one race in 2016, the one where their cars crashed into each other in their desperation to win, and that doesn’t encourage itself to those taking advantage of UK gambling laws wagering on F1, Bet365 etc offering only paltry odds. Nico leaving might make contra Mercedes betting at a Singapore online casino possible, if not sensible, again.

New Mercedes car

Mercedes’ cars are considered to be the best in F1 history (photo:

2016 showed Lewis Hamilton doesn’t always have luck on his side, and a new driver will take some time to get used to the car, but does that mean that Ferrari and Redbull really have any more chance than they did in the season just gone? Certainly they’d say so, but then they all wished Nico Rosberg well when he left, and frankly that’s disingenuous to the point of malice. Chances are Bet365 and its ilk will be giving better odds on other teams next year, but Mercedes betting that won’t matter will surprise no one.

Will New Driver Spark More Driver Drama In Formula One?

Mercedes betting whomever takes over from Nico will do just as well probably belies just how far ahead of the other teams their car is. The team even put a job advert in the classified section of Autosport looking for a new driver, a subtle dig at Nico that anyone could replace him at the wheel and still be competitive. But just who will take that prized F1 driver’s slot, and will they get on with Hamilton or will it be yet another driver drama as competitive spirit sours the waters at Mercedes?

Next Mercedes Driver

  • Sebastian Vettel – 8/1
  • Jenson Button – 12/1
  • Carlos Sainz – 16/1
  • Kimi Raikkonen – 33/1

Well the bookies seem to favour Sebastian Vettel getting the gig at 8/1 on sites like Bet365, however Jensen Button has just dropped out of his team so could easily step in, and is 12/1 to do so, Carlos Sainz gets an unlikely 16/1 and Kimi Raikkonen manages 33/1 despite not having a hope. Whomever does get the job, no one in the UK gambling news next season will be of Mercedes betting on someone with more personality than Nico Rosberg would be stretching the rules of credulity all that much, after all, it’s easy to improve on zero.

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