Rossoneri Given Permission to Begin New Stadium Development


Posted: July 8, 2015

Updated: October 6, 2017

The seven time European Cup champions will now begin the development of their own stadium which is intended to accommodate 48,000 fans.

Go-ahead has been given by the Fondiazone Fiera to allow for the construction of the new AC Milan stadium. Reports from Italian internet casinos mention that joint CEO Barbara Berlusconi has accepted the message and is very happy about the monetary gain the new stadium will bring to the Italian Club.

According to the website Goal, Berlusconi stated “Today, with the decision of the Fondiazone Fiera, we can officially begin the journey towards our new stadium. It is the first step, as we still need to present the entire project to institutions for approval.” The new stadium is said to cost around EUR 335m for the Rossoneri’s, which should pay off after a long period

New stadium to improve the city of Milan

Gambling news reported earlier in February that Milan announced the plans for their new home ground. Furthermore, the club gave indication that it intends to create a stadium that is friendlier to the city of Milan. The new design would be more favourable to public transportation in order to lower the heavy dependence on personal transportation in the area, while also making it easier for fans to access the stadium.

The club is hoping the new project will be able to be completed before the beginning of the 2018/2019 Italian football season. Online casinos in Italy reckon that the new arena has a potential to become a strong economic powerhouse for AC Milan. In addition to this, the project is also said to bring between EUR 50m to EUR 80m in financial income for the club.

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