Schleswig-Holstein Issues More Online Gambling Licenses

German state Schleswig-Holstein continues to hand out online gambling licenses despite pressure from the European Commission.

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The breakaway German province of Schleswig-Holstein remains defiant and continues to issue licenses for operations of online sportsbooks in Germany. The European Commission is currently reviewing a law that could potentially repel the rebellious regulatory regime.

Despite raising pressure from the European Commission, the Interior Minister Andreas Breitner assured potential license applicants that until EC approves the regulation, Schleswig-Holstein is bound by German gambling laws to consider all applications and grant licenses in case there are successful. The reviewing process within the European Commission could take up to four months or even more.

The latest recipients of the Schleswig-Holstein gambling licenses were Ladbrokes, 888, both Admiral Sportswetten websites, and Cashpoint Malta. However, Germany gambling news report that there’s at least twenty two more applicants looking to offers their gambling services in Schleswig-Holstein.

Currently, there have been twelve licenses issued by the Schleswig-Holstein, and two applicants are currently suing the state government for delaying their licenses. The state authorities have confirmed they are now actively considering twenty two more applications just for sports betting services alone.

A spokesperson for the Schleswig-Holstein state commented: “In addition 22 applicants are seeking a license for online casino games such as poker and roulette.”

It remains to be seen if Schleswig-Holstein manages to hold on to its revolutionary regulations and keep issuing online gambling licenses in case the European Commission decides to block their regulation. German example is one-of-a-kind, where a single state in the country has drawn up its own gambling laws to repel the majority of other jurisdictions.

Industry insiders suggest that the example of Schleswig-Holstein could be a building ground for American states to start coming up with their own regulations, in case the Federal gambling law fails to be enacted.

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