Anti-fraud Warning Alerts to be Installed on British Lottery Machines

In the wake of a recent lottery fraud case British national operator will introduce warning alerts in the ticket machines.

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British national lottery operator Camelot plans to develop and introduce audible warning alerts on all its ticket machines in retail stores. The alerts are expected to prevent lottery fraud, when store clerks try to cheat the winners out of their money.

The new move was considered following a celebrated case when a shop assistant tried to conceal that an elderly couple won a million pounds under the British gambling laws. With the alerts in place, winners will be able to hear sounds once their winning ticket is processed on the machine.

Lottery participation remains strong in England and potentially rivals the popularity of online casinos in United Kingdom. Protecting its customers is one of the most important issues on Camelot’s agenda.

The new system will be added to all Camelot ticket machines throughout the country some time before the year is out, but according to the operator’s spokesperson it could reach the stores as early as October 2012.

Camelot spokesperson told United Kingdom gambling news: ”We’ve been developing a short “win” sound that our terminals will make to let players know when their ticket is a winning one and we will be implementing this across our network of National Lottery terminals this autumn.”

The operator’s representative also advised all lottery punters that signing the back of their tickets could also be a very good idea, which will prevent fraudulent store clerks from taking advantage and serve as a proof of ownership.

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