Scientific Games Gambling Research: Check These Impressive Findings!

  • Recently, the results of a study on the classification of gamblers in the US and EU markets have been released.
  • Scientific Games performed an in-depth analysis of the classification of gamblers.
  • In our article, we will take a closer look at Scientific Games gambling research.
Scientific Games Gambling Research

Recently, the results of a study on the classification of gamblers in the US and EU markets have been released. This research was initiated by the world-famous developer of gaming solutions and platforms – Scientific Games. These developers invested one million dollars in the study. The result, as it turned out, reflects the global changes in the development of gambling products and lotteries. Let’s take a closer look at Scientific Games gambling research.

The result of the research conducted by Scientific Games is quite significant. In reality, it covered a wide range of lottery players, casinos, online games on all available platforms, land-based casinos, desktop, and mobile systems on the Internet. In total, 22 thousand respondents took part in the study.

Scientific Games gambling research explained

Scientific Games performed an in-depth analysis of the classification of gamblers. Indeed, it became clear that the convergence of various types of gambling in the world economies requires a fresh look. The level of this company in the gambling and lottery sectors allows them to position themselves as experts providing innovative ideas. Scientific Games research on the classification of players was first going on during the fall of 2013 after the company acquired WMS Industries and its gambling business.

In reality, the casino industry is facing some challenges. And this is the expansion of the player base, the distribution of ground points, and relevance for adult youth. Scientific Games understands the importance of dialogue with customers to understand their motivation. In this way, they want to make sure that they are moving in the right direction while creating their products and services. The impressive results of the study relate to the majority of online casinos in the USA. Therefore, everyone has to get to know them.

Methods of the Scientific Games study

The study examined 15 motivational reasons why residents of the United States and the EU gamble. These are the following:

  • luck;
  • easy gameplay;
  • challenge;
  • self-improvement;
  • achievement of the result;
  • quick money;
  • pastime;
  • entertainment;
  • immersion in the atmosphere of the game;
  • feelings of excitement;
  • low cost;
  • team feeling;
  • competition;
  • social preferences.

The study covered six types of players:

  • professional – a player with high-level gambling skills, participating in professional tournaments and winning large cash prizes;
  • specialist– a person with good professional skills who are interested in improving them;
  • ex-player – a person who rarely plays, because for some reason one has lost interest;
  • master – a person who has high-level gambling skills, but does not have sufficient income to participate in professional tournaments;
  • substitute – an intermittent player visiting the game from time to time;
  • amateur –a person who considers the game solely as entertainment.

Indeed, Scientific Games gambling research has covered every important aspect of gambling. And if you want to find out more information on the topic, read our article about Types of Gamblers You Can Meet In a Casino. Decide which one is you in the Bovada Casino!

Scientific Games Gambling Research
What kind of player are you?

Impressive Results of the gambling research


Scientific Games gambling research has shown that the same motivational models are used in the gambling industry of the USA and Europe. While each class of gamblers differs in the level of immersion in the game and spent finances, the principle of motivation is the same for everyone. Moreover, their motivation is similar to the motivation of professional players. Someone is interested in entertainment, others look for thrills, and someone enjoys the immersion in the world of excitement. Besides, young people are very active in social online games and fantasy sports.

Predominant types of gamblers in the Scientific Games gambling research

According to Scientific Games gambling research, there are three main categories of players:

  • amateurs who enjoy quick entertainment such as lottery or bingo;
  • professionals who want to gain great gambling experience and win $ one million at a time;
  • socially active people who want to play instant games, including through mobile applications, to see their name on the leaderboard.

Player segments evolve socially due to increasing complexity. They have also observed peaks of activity of “ex-players” and “professionals”. Besides, in the USA, the main activity types are the classes of “specialists” and “professionals”. Meanwhile, in the EU, “substitutes” actively take part in gambling

Scientific Games Gambling Research
There’s science to it!


Consumer attitudes toward remote games are much more complex than other games and are consistent with product development ideas. Besides, the design of gambling products contributes to the growth of game costs and the development of partnerships with players. In the United States, player partnerships are built linearly, while in Europe there are more opportunities due to differentiation depending on the product category. Scientific Games gambling research has shown that Europe has the potential to increase sales of instant online lotteries by 20%.

Main findings of Scientific Games gambling research

The most critical moment discovered during the research conducted by Scientific Games in different jurisdictions is the following – 80% of people who chose interactive games or lotteries are also participating in one or two other types of gambling. Therefore, the belief that people cannot gamble for the sake of entertainment is fundamentally wrong. Scientific Games gambling research confirms that gambling is a popular form of leisure, therefore, people truly need it. And if you have the same feeling, then it’s time to visit one of the online casinos in the USA. Don’t you know which one to choose? We would recommend the Bovada Casino as one of the best online gambling platforms. Check it out!

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