Scotland Are An Edgy Bet On The World Cup Of Darts

Scotland - The World Cup Of Darts

The PDC World Cup Of Darts is back again, this time being held in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, and all eyes will be on England, the reigning champions to see if they can hold on to the title. With 32 nations competing for glory there’s plenty of room for failure and the Dutch will definitely be looking for revenge for their loss in the final last year, so who should you back if you’re going to bet on the world cup of darts? We take a look.

World Cup Of Darts

 The Long Shots

• Spain – 100/1
• Germany – 80/1
• Austria – 40/1
• N. Ireland – 40/1
• Belgium – 33/1
• Wales – 25/1
• Australia – 20/1

The origins of darts can be found in the popularity of archery and the sheer unpredictability of the Great British weather. It doesn’t take too long standing outside clutching a bow in the wind and rain of a north European island to wonder if the tournament couldn’t be moved indoors. Obviously over the years the arrows were shortened and the target divided up to make it more interesting but when you bet on the world cup of darts you are in essence still wagering on a mainstay of the medieval tourneys of old.

Naturally that historical progression from sport of knights to pub favorite, and attractive proposition for those that will bet on the World Cup Of Darts, is a long and slightly tortured affair with those who like to bet on sports in the UK only able to wager on darts at all because of a man called Annakin (who wasn’t Luke Skywalker’s father however much you might wish he had been) who was called upon in court back in 1908 to prove darts wasn’t an illegal “game of chance” but an entirely legal one of skill

Bet365 Pegs The World Cup Of Darts Favorites Close

William “Bigfoot” Annakin (his name pretty much the only thing agreed upon about the case) threw darts to order in court and the case was won, opening up a whole vista of room for slightly drunk individuals to demonstrate an inability to do simple subtraction whilst holding a piece of chalk in pubs and clubs up and down the land. Of course you can bet on the World Cup Of Darts to do the math for the players, something that has unfortunately been replicated by pub and club owners in recent years.

Part of the attraction of the sport is the idiocy of getting drunk and attempting to subtract three almost random numbers from your running total, but breweries and entertainment companies have replaced this fun with electronic bleeping boards made of plastic in many nations and ruined the reputation of the sport in the process. You can bet on the World Cup Of Darts only using proper boards, and those taking advantage of UK gambling laws to back England to win facing up to a hard road in Germany.

Bet On The World Cup Of Darts At Bet365

England may well be garnering 11/2 at Bet365 to win but if you’re going to bet on the World Cup Of Darts it is probably the Dutch at 11/10 who’ll look likely winners, with Scotland on 6/4 demonstrating that however much this might turn into a grudge match between the favorites there’s always room for a little Scottish serendipity. Alas once away from these big three the odds do tend to become a little unattractive, with even the hosts, Germany, only getting a scant 80/1, but lets look a little closer.

World Cup Of Darts

The Favorites

• England – 11/2
• Netherlands – 11/10
• Scotland – 6/4

Bet365 is offering 25/1 on Wales, and as a bet on the World Cup Of Darts that’s no bad punt, although you might want to shove it on each-way and just hope they reach the final, and Australia get 20/1 which is a bit mean spirited of the bookies if we’re honest, and Belgium’s 33/1 is almost insulting, but it does highlight that no one in Germany or the UK gambling news reports on the 5th will be of anyone else save England or the Netherlands having won is being entirely sensible. No, not even those backing the Scots.

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