UK Politics Betting Goes Mad As May’s Lead Slips Slightly

UK Politics Betting Mad

With just a week left before polling day in the UK all the major parties are going into overdrive to secure votes. Recently numbers show the opposition of Jeremy Corbyn cutting the government’s lead but is it a case of too little too late, or will Teresa May, Prime Minister of Great Britain, Northern Ireland and the Commonwealth, really see her 20 point lead vanish into a hung parliament? Just who are the best party to back at Bet365 if you’re doing some politics betting ahead of June the 8th?

UK General Election

• To Win Most Seats
• Conservatives – 1/14
• Labour – 13/2
• Lib Dem – 1000/1
• UKIP – 1000/1
• Greens – 1000/1
• SNP – 2000/1

It must have seemed to Teresa May, PM of Britain, such a no-brainer. Your party is 24 points plus ahead in the polls, the opposition leader is as likable as a dose of the clap and a good win will save no end of arguments later as you desperately try to extricate the nation from Europe without ruining the economy. A snap general election was a potential hammer blow to the opposition and no observer of British politics betting, at that point, on Labour even surviving looked very sensible, but now….?

The sitting Conservative party gambled that the unpopularity of Labour leader Corbyn was enough to win and win comfortably (no other party in the UK has anywhere near the support of these big two) only to find that once given the increased air time of an election Mr Corbyn actually came across rather better than hitherto, leaving them with no alternative but to harp on about Brexit. No one who puts a bet on sports in the UK would have taken up politics betting to back Corbyn a month ago, but now?

Conservative Lead Cut To Just Three Points

The “strong and stable” message of the Conservatives rather undermined by a couple of policy reversals on social care, a disastrously thought-out “dementia tax” and the robotic Mrs May’s inability to engage with people and seem human at the same time have all taken their toll, and you could have knocked the British political landscape over with a feather when pollsters Yougov announced the Conservative lead had slipped to just 3 points. Politics betting suddenly got very interesting in the UK.

Hung Parliament

• No – 1/6
• Yes – 4/1

Prior to that poll the Conservatives were so odds-on to win you’d not fit a cigarette paper between the odds Bet365 were giving them and mathematical certainty, the chances of a Labour win so remote they could have been on another planet, but with that poll putting Labour within the margin of error it would seem there is everything to play for and, if you’re going to take advantage of UK gambling laws permitting politics betting, a punt on the Conservative election gamble failing may well be profitable.

Bet365 Has All The Politics Betting Odds For The UK

Of course there will be those that will point out the poll was commissioned by The Times which makes it a little suspect, perhaps alarming numbers to galvanize support among the elderly ahead of polling day following that whole we’re-going-to-steal-your-house mess the Tories made last week. Still the politics betting odds on a hung Parliament have dropped at Bet365 to just 4/1, down from stratospheric a week ago, and whilst the Conservatives are still 1/14 to get the most seats, Labour have closed up to 13/2

. Next PM Of Britain

• Teresa May – 1/5
• Jeremy Corbyn – 7/2
• Tim Farron – 300/1
• Nigel Farrage – 1000/1

Suddenly Jeremy Corbyn, the no hoper from the 1970s with his message of an inclusive nation working for everyone not just the rich, is getting 7/2 at Bet365 to be the next Prime Minister, yes Teresa May is still at 1/5, same as a Conservative majority, but a Labour majority is at 14/1, and a Conservative minority has dropped to 8/1. Having taken this massive risk, the politics betting version of do or die, when she didn’t need to Mrs May could well be alone in the UK gambling news on June 9th will be of her getting that mandate her and her kitten heels thought so easy to grasp.

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