Scout Gaming Introduces FanTeam Pick’em Jackpot Games


Posted: January 22, 2021

Updated: January 22, 2021

  • Scout Gaming launches new tipping game on FanTeam
  • Player’s can now win big with FanTeam’s Pick’em jackpot games 
  • Their progressive jackpot is simply hard to ignore

Calling out all FanTeam fans, the DFS has just released Pick’em Jackpot, a must-play for players looking to win big. At this time, bettors will be looking to jump at the chance to win big on the FanTeam Pick’em jackpot games. 

Without a doubt, the new year kicked off with some new and exciting developments and games in the gambling industry. Unsurprisingly, FanTeam jumped on the bandwagon by introducing their Pick’em Jackpot Games. Fortunately, bettors can get in on the action and win big on the new and exciting progressive jackpot.

Introducing the FanTeam Pick’em jackpot games

Once again, FanTeam has reminded us why it’s among the top online daily fantasy sports in the UK with their latest release. Recently, Scout Gaming announced the release of Pick’em Jackpot game, a new and exciting game for players to win amazing prizes on FanTeam. 

All in all, players are to pick as many correct outcomes as possible from all given matches. These include either home or away team victory or a draw. Additionally, players are to predict the Jackpot trigger match score. From then on, players win a prize if they predict the correct outcome. 

Generally, the Pick’em jackpot game’s coupon usually contains 13 matches + one jackpot match. Here, players can win prizes if they predict the correct outcome in 10, 11, 12, or 13 matches. 

What’s more, players qualify for the whole jackpot if they have all the correct outcomes including that of jackpot game’s match result.

FanTeam Pick'em jackpot games
Let’s play!

How to get in on the Pick’em jackpot action 

At first, players will need to register themselves on the site in order to win their share of the Pick’em jackpot. Fortunately, players can head over to our latest review about FanTeam for more information on successfully registering on the site. 

Players should then navigate the tournament lobby in the games section of the DFS site. Here, you can find a banner with the latest Pick’em jackpot games on offer with exciting weekly football pools to predict from. 

As previously mentioned, the default number of matches in a Pick’em jackpot game is 13. To begin with, players can predict outcomes from the game’s listed matches. Players can decide on 1(home team win), X (draw), or 2 (away team win), or any combination of them. 

What’s more, a coupon with a single pick will cost players only €0.10. However, in addition to these match outcomes, players must remember to also predict the exact score of the jackpot match. 

Lastly, players don’t need to choose a straight result for all the games. Instead, they can choose from the following: 

  • Half hedge (1+X, 1+2, or X+2) up to 7 games 
  • Full hedge (1+X+2) up to 4 games 

As a result, the cost of the coupon will double each time you half edge. Furthermore, the cost of the coupon will triple each time you full hedge. Overall, the total maximum bet is valued at  €1036,80.

Stand a chance to hit the Pick’em jackpot!

Without a doubt, Pick’em, jackpot games as relatively easy and fun to play. Additionally, their progressive jackpot definitely makes the game much more irresistible. At this time, players stand a chance to predict the outcome of 13 football matches to win a whopping €100,000. 

However, FanTeam players should be mindful as the weekly offer is valid until 23 January 2021 according to the online daily fantasy sports news in the UK

You can discover more about FanTeam here.

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