Serbia vs Luxembourg Betting Predictions: A Chance for The Eagles

  • This is Serbia’s last chance to qualify for Euro 2020
  • The Eagles compete with Portugal for the last free slot
  • Luxembourg football team could hardly outscore their next rival
Serbia vs Luxembourg Betting Predictions
Serbia still have a chance to qualify for Euro 2020.

Another stressful match at Euro 2020 qualifying tournament is coming soon. On November 14, two teams from Group B will dictate their fate. Serbia vs Luxembourg betting predictions shows whether The Eagles will reach the Knockout stage or will lose this opportunity for the next four years.

According to the standings, a Serbian football team is just one point behind Portugal, which is the most likely to qualify for Euro 2020. The Group B leader, Ukraine, has already reached the championship thanks to the victory over Ronaldo and Co. Now, the main intrigue touches upon Serbia: will it leave the reigning European champion out or not?

Serbia vs Luxembourg betting predictions on the winner

Experts from sportsbook sites stay optimistic towards its national football team’s success. According to online sportsbooks in Serbia, The Eagles have 1.20 odds on their victory over Luxembourg, which will help them to outrun Portugal in the race to the Knockout stage.

UEFA Euro 2020 betting predictions:

At the moment, Serbia has 10 points in the standings, which is one less than its main rival possesses. If The Eagles outscore Luxembourg while Portugal loses to Lithuania, Serbians will get a good chance to move further.

On the back of Serbia vs Luxembourg betting predictions, the latest have higher odds on their victory (17.00). A triumph of the team might seem impossible if only Luxembourg hasn’t won any match during Euro 2020 qualifying. However, its 2:1 victory over Lithuania gives it a chance to fight for three points.

Last Serbia vs Luxembourg betting predictions on a score

As the Serbian national team is the main favorite of the game, it has the most attractive betting odds on a positive total score. By online gambling sites in Serbia, its footballers are likely to score from one to three goals in their rival’s gates. The most possible scenario of the match, however, is a 2:0 score with 6.00 odds.

Serbia vs Luxembourg Betting Predictions Luka Jovic
Jovic is not in the squad any longer. Image source: Oleg Bkhambri (Voltmetro) [CC BY-SA 3.0] / Wikimedia Commons
If you would like to bet on Luxembourg to make a comeback and leave Serbians defeated, you should choose a 0:1 total score option. According to the experts, this turn of events is the most possible when it comes to Luxembourg’s dominance (35.00).

Serbia vs Luxembourg betting predictions for a penalty

Last but not least. Euro 2020 wouldn’t be itself if the teams’ destiny was decided only during a regular time or without penalties. Sometimes a pen could turn the game upside down, so one shouldn’t underestimate its meaning. Moreover, 1xBet Sportsbook predictions show that there could be a penalty during Serbia vs Luxembourg match with 2.50 odds. This is not surprising as the qualifying stage comes to its end, so the struggle is getting tough.

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