Seven Golden Rules Outlining Post-Pandemic Casino Etiquette

With the end now in sight, it’s time to prepare for what will come afterward, so here’s seven guidelines for post-pandemic casino etiquette.

Post-Pandemic Casino Etiquette

Restrictions are lifting, but that doesn’t mean we’re all psychologically ready for it. We will all need time to adjust. Not just adapting to having our old lives back, but to the new behavioral norms. So, don’t think it’ll all go back to the way it was at the flip of a switch. It won’t. People and places will fade back in at different speeds. Thus, for those who plan to visit their local casino, here are our seven tips for appropriate post-pandemic casino etiquette. 

1. Keep It Light

Most people will return to these glittering casinos to feel like it is 2019 again. The central pillar of your post-pandemic casino etiquette must involve restraint. No one wants to hear about your conspiracy theories. Everybody had unfortunate experiences during these hard times. But, as we said, the aim is feeling as if we were back in 2019. So, if in doubt, keep it to yourself. Remember; the first rule of the post-Covid world is don’t talk about Covid!   

2. Keep Your Distance

Whilst you may wish to go out and hug people, many people will not enjoy that prospect just yet. Whatever the medical situation, a big part of post-pandemic casino etiquette is respecting people enough that you don’t encroach. If somewhere is crowded, don’t add to the crowd. Wait a while. Take the next elevator, play at that table later on, have dinner in your room instead. Remember; this isn’t all about you and it will not last forever, so have some patience and keep your distance.

Post-Pandemic Casino Etiquette
If it’s possible, keep at least 2 feet distance from others

3. Dress Up Not Down

Anyone in the UK gambling laws of fashion were revoked during the pandemic needs to think again. One of the absolute golden rules of post-pandemic casino etiquette is not dressing as if you’re at home on Zoom. We’ve all learned the value of our public freedoms so let us not denigrate them with poor apparel. Give this slow return to normality a sense of occasion. Get out your glad rags, dust off that jacket and tie, or dig out a big frock. Remember; this is not about dressing to impress, but avoiding your dress depressing.   

4. Volume Matters

Okay, so you’re keeping your distance, dressed in your finery, enjoying your favorite casino. Everyone’s having fun. So why are you shouting? At a few feet people will hear you whisper, so all that volume just isn’t required. This isn’t an online meeting where one needs to scream to get people’s attention. There’s no microphone making you sound distant or tinny. You’re right there with real people. Keeping your voice down is thus an essential part of post-pandemic casino etiquette. Remember; they can hear you just fine. Promise.

5. Got Symptoms? We’ve No Sympathy

Is this an obvious piece of post-pandemic casino etiquette? Yes, Just a little. However, for those still confused, if you have any symptoms at all, don’t go. No, it’s probably not Covid, but no one is going to enjoy gambling next to Captain Cough or little Miss Sore-Throat. They won’t feel comfortable. So don’t ruin their evening, skip it for now. Wait till you’re well again. Remember; If you’re ill, stay home and chill. 

Post-Pandemic Casino Etiquette
If you have any symptoms stay at home

6. Forget About Fiddling

Alright now this is where you might find the going a little more difficult. Part of your post-pandemic casino etiquette has to include ceasing to touch things unnecessarily. If there is no good reason to touch something; don’t! That means you may have to give up toying with your chips, gripping the table edge, fist bumping your fellow players, etc. It’s just not appropriate now when so many are concerned about germs. If you must, take in a personal item just to fiddle with. Remember; leave public property alone

7. Tolerate The Twitchy

Not everyone is going to adjust well. Indeed some people will fare quite badly in the coming transition. Do not add to their problems by giving them more. Don’t criticize their behavior if it isn’t impinging upon you having fun. They want to wear a mask? Sanitize their hands every five minutes? Wipe down their chips with Lysol? Fine. Let them. If you can’t tolerate others taking their time to return to normal, perhaps you ought to stay at home.

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We take a look at the seven simple rules to sensible post-pandemic casino etiquette. 

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