Seven People Who Could Defy US Presidential Election Odds

They may be massive longshots in the US Presidential Election odds but then so was Donald Trump a few years out, so these people may yet win.

US Presidential Election Odds
Bill Gates – Image source: World Economic Forum, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Donald Trump casts a long shadow over US politics. One of its many effects is to see ever more celebrities running for office. From Gubernatorial races to Senate seats, you’ll now find a famous faces amongst the grey suits. Sure, they may well be longshots, but so was Donald Trump. So whatever the US Presidential Election odds say right now at online sportsbook sites in the US like Bovada, there are a few celebrities who could defy those odds and win the White House.

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1. Bill Gates – 275/1 

Don’t let those long US Presidential Election odds fool you. In partnership with George Soros, ultra-liberal Satanists and compulsive micro-chippers, Bill has a good chance. According to the internet he has a lot of shadowy, powerful support. So who knows? We could all be living in FEMA death camps slaves to an authoritarian socialist cabal of technocrats inside four years. So, a bet on Bill Gates winning may prove the only way to benefit when the New World Order wins.    

2. Chelsea Clinton – 200/1 

You may scoff but America has a history of dynastical candidates. Kennedy, Bush, Clinton, it’s not a stretch. Naturally she currently enjoys rather lengthy US Presidential Election odds at the moment. That’s mostly because she claims she has no interest in running. However, she must suffer quite a bit of pressure around the family dinner table. So she may weaken. Thus taking advantage of US gambling laws to back her isn’t quite as insanely crazy as it at first appears.

3. Morgan Freeman – 200/1

Life sometimes imitates art, so why not put a screen President in the White House proper?  At least you could always bet on Morgan Freeman sounding more intelligent than some of the past occupants. He looks the part, sounds perfect, and is hugely popular with the public. If he decided to run there’s a real chance he could get the nomination. So whilst he currently garners high US Presidential Election odds at Bovada, a public announcement of his intent would halve them.

US Presidential Election Odds
Hello Mr. President – Image source: Foto: © JCS

4. Bill Maher – 150/1

He’s famous for his TV work, and for being the only person to lose their job after 9/11. Electing Bill Maher would be an act of public revenge upon the political classes. Of course, given how angry much of the public is toward those establishment figures and organizations, they just might do it. He’s popular, knows the power of a funny soundbite and sometimes talks the sort of sense Republicans like. He may get long odds at online betting sites in the US like Bovada, but…..

5. Kanye West – 100/1

With no bar on the insane entering high office, Kanye West may yet succeed in winning the White House. He’s hugely popular with swathes of the voting public. He even has several of the important political skills to beat those long US Presidential Election odds. You can bet on Kanye West to talk utter rubbish whilst looking sincere. He has an established ‘brand’. Plus he is hugely photogenic. You might laugh at the idea, but then, lots of people laughed at the idea of Trump. 

6. Oprah Winfrey – 100/1

Alexander, we are told, wept because there were no more worlds to conquer. Oprah suffers from the same problem. If she doesn’t run for President what does she do to top her accomplishments thus far? Try for Secretary General of the United Nations? She more than anyone else on our list gets far longer US Presidential Election odds than she deserves. She may not want to suffer the slings and arrows of the political fray, but if she stepped up, she’d be very, very hard to beat.

US Presidential Election Odds
Everyone loves Oprah – Image source: Flickr

7. Meghan Markle – 100/1

Would Americans really elect a Princess as their first female President? Of course they would. With Harry by her side the former actress could make a good fist of running for office. She might. Can you imagine her as President meeting the British Royal Family on a state visit? Delicious. Sure, a bet on Meghan Markle to win the White House is never going to rival a normal bet on sports in the US at Bovada, however, we all know the world really is that strange, right?

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We take a look at seven people who could beat the US Presidential Elections they currently enjoy to win the White House anyway.

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