Seven Reasons To Gamble Online And Ignore EURO 2016

2016 Euro

Football isn’t for everyone, but you try telling the fans that. So to forestall you having to give them the real reason you’re disinterested in their tribal macho game of kicking balls and hugging each other we provide seven reasons you should be gambling online, playing poker or bingo for instance, instead of watching the pinnacle of the European footballing calendar unfolding in France this summer.

1. The Strikes

Whilst protests over the changes to French labor laws have been going on for a few months it is only recently Unions have stepped up their intensity with fuel depots blockaded, petrol running out and now railways workers joining in what the French Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, assures us isn’t chaos. Not that it matters if it is or not, you can gambling news coverage of EURO 2016 will speculate about it being chaos regardless, and if the boring number of times it’ll all be alluded to by commentators and pundits throughout doesn’t make you want to stay home and gamble online instead, nothing will.

2. The Weather

With flash flooding and lightning strikes racking up a bodycount across Europe the early days of summer this year have not been pleasant. France has not escaped this rather aggressive weather and had to launch over 8,000 rescue operations in just two days as heavy rains brought central France the worst flooding in a century. Worse still the weather producing the inclement conditions is set to continue for the next couple of weeks which could make EURO 2016 an awfully damp affair, and make staying at home to gamble online at Bet365 seem like a much more enjoyable, and far drier, option this summer.

lightning bolts

France’s weather forecast: rainy with a chance of lightning

3. The Terrorists

Following the Paris attacks of November last year in which the Stade De France was targeted by terrorists there has always been a risk of a mass casualty event at this years EURO 2016 finals, and indeed the US State Dept. recently released an advisory stating that further terrorist attacks were a danger in Europe this summer. Naturally France has launched a massive security operation for the tournament which will probably keep everyone safe, but why risk it? Far better to stay in the safe secure environment of home where you can gamble online at Betfair etc and watch the matches without fear.

4. The Corruption

Whilst its big brother FIFA has grabbed most of the headlines so far UEFA didn’t come out of the corruption scandal that saw hero Platini brung low entirely unscathed. With the entire world’s media turned upon European football for the next month the chances are some portions of it will almost certainly dredge up and rehash all the details again, and if you’re in the UK gambling laws of common sense dictate that’ll mostly be the xenophobic gutter press, congratulations, you win. Of course you can avoid all that repetition of history by simply gambling online at Bet365 and ignoring EURO 2016.

Corruption in Europe

FIFA may not be the only corrupt football association in Europe

5. The Drugs

The massive and widespread abuse of performance enhancing drugs has left no sport untouched, no corner of competition untainted, and yet can you remember a major scandal involving a soccer player and drugs that weren’t recreational? Arsene Wenger of Arsenal has claimed UEFA wasn’t taking the situation seriously and galvanized some action on the subject, and if there were ever a time the dam will burst and we’ll all find out footballers are doping as much as cyclists and sprinters it’ll be this EURO 2016, and listening to the dull denials won’t be nearly so much fun as gambling online.

6. The WAGS

The media, particularly the populist portions, won’t be satisfied with merely covering some of the best footballers in the world playing in one of the largest tournaments on the planet, and if you pay attention to EURO 2016 you will also be bombarded with tales of the Wives And GirlfriendS (WAGS) of players who have absolutely nothing to do with the football and tend toward the vapid. Gambling online, on the other hand, will allow you to be a winner at Betfair and entirely avoid having to look at ridiculously contrived photospreads of women in overly large sunglasses and a bikini you can buy below for 29.95.

7. The Winners

If you like to bet on sports in the UK you already know that there is a massive chance the English will go out in the quarter finals on penalties. It’s their default setting. Which means the likely winners are either the French (favorites at 3/1), the Germans (4/1 these days) or the Spanish (11/2 at Betfair), and who wants to watch any of that lot win anything? Far better to ignore EURO 2016 entirely and do some sensible gambling online in some of the many poker rooms, casino sites and bingo halls that the world wide web gives you access to. Football? It’s a bit last century isn’t it? Bring on the drone racing…

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