Seven Tips For Those Exploring How To Bet On The Oscars

Posted: February 15, 2021

Updated: February 15, 2021

The first of the shortlists is out so we present seven tips for those learning how to bet on the Oscars from the comfort of their own home.

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Celebrating cinema (you remember those. Big dark places. Lots of chairs) seems a tad inept at present. Still, no one could ever accuse “the Academy” of being in touch with the zeitgeist. Indeed that’s one of the reasons learning how to bet on the Oscars is so much fun. Regardless of what online sportsbook sites in the US like Bovada say ahead of time, you know it will still surprise. So here are seven tips for those taking the plunge and putting their money where the critics are.

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1. Pick A Genre

Obviously, you will have your own personal tastes when it comes to movies you enjoy watching. You are thus likely to know a great deal more about what makes for a good movie in some genres when compared to others. So if you’re trying to work out how to bet on the Oscars a good rule of thumb is sticking to what you know. If you’re a documentary fan placing a bet on Mulan to win an Oscar for the best score is probably not for you. Luckily the Oscars aren’t short of categories.

2. Pick An Actor

Those exploring how to bet on the Oscars at online betting sites in the US like Bovada will find this simple enough. This is because a little like a bet on horse racing you can often tell which actors will win the big prizes ahead of time. You can check their “form” at the other award shows and film festivals that come before the Oscars. So a bet on the best Actor (or actress) is simply a matter of following the trend. There’s no guarantee it’ll actually win, but it’s a great indicator. 

3. Pick A Director

This is slightly trickier. It’s far easier to spot when a performer is not giving of their best. With directors, it’s always a little more subjective. So those seeking how to bet on the Oscars might want to steer clear of this unless it becomes very obvious. Some years it does. Of course that’ll mean you’ll not get very long odds on the best director Oscar, but a win is a win. Just remember; Under no circumstances should you bet on a documentary film maker to win this prized category.  

How To Bet On The Oscars
Oscars betting is the most famous form of novelty wagering

4. Pick A Movie

If you are fortunate enough to see any of the nominated movies ahead of time you will, of course, instinctively form your own opinion. Alas unlike a bet on sports in the US at Bovada this tends to be quite misleading. Following your gut when working out how to bet on the Oscars is probably not a good idea. One only needs to look back at past winners to know they’ve not always gone for the most popular of films. So unless you’re a film critic, don’t try to predict ‘em.

5. Pick An Outfit

This is unfortunately not always a wager available at online bookies in the US. However, this does not preclude those learning how to bet on the Oscars from betting amongst themselves on this minor aside. Just which star will turn up in the most outrageous outfit? The best outfit? The worst? Given just what gathering of narcissists it always is, this should be a far more popular wager. You could even bet on which attendee suffers the most revealing wardrobe malfunction.

6. Pick A Controversy

The odds on the Oscars managing to go ahead without a controversy du jour are astronomical. Just what they’ll throw up this time to grab attention is anyone’s guess. Accusations of bias? Sexism? Racism? We’ll have to wait and see, although this year they’ll have to try a little harder. Trotting out the traditional gripes won’t cut it these days. So knowing how to bet on the Oscars is great but prepare for tales of witchcraft, demonic possession, human sacrifice and Josh Whedon.  

7. Pick A Site

Naturally, this is all important. There’s no point knowing how to bet on the Oscars but not actually have the facility to do so. Fortunately, those intent on taking advantage of US gambling laws to back their favorite nominees can do so easily at Bovada. They’ve got all the categories and all the odds. It’s a one stop shop for those with a hankering to bet on the stars of the silver screen. So from a bet on Boys State to the odds on Carey Mulligan, they’ve all you need.

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We offer up seven tips for those trying to discover how to bet on the Oscars without losing their shirt or their mind.

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