Seven Tips On How To Win Money Worm Charming

Posted: January 24, 2020

Updated: March 31, 2020

Part art, part science and part magic this ancient sport is still alive and well across the world. It attracts competitors of all ages and permits nearly any methodology. This gives lots of freedom to competitors, but can make learning how to win money worm charming tricky. Taking advantage of UK gambling laws to bet on worm charming is simple, picking a winner difficult. Whether charming yourself or betting on someone who is at Bet365, here’s seven things to bear in mind.

Image source: Flickr

1. Know Your Ground

All competitors will be assigned an area in which to charm. This will be identical in size to all the others, but each piece has idiosyncrasies. Being able to spot, and moreover use, the natural features of your area will be vital. Knowing your ground is thus the first rule of learning how to win money worm charming. Divots and tufts, bare patches and thicker vegetation, all these are salient. Your wager on worm charming will likely hinge on adept use of these natural features. 

2. Storage And The Count

Tradition tends towards the humble jam jar. Even the most charmed of worms is unlikely to struggle free of this glass container. It also allows and ongoing count, albeit a somewhat rough one, to be maintained throughout. In close competitions this can be high motivational. Those learning how to win money worm charming should be cautious when emptying out their jar at the count. Losing worms before they are counted ensures that they won’t be. A beginners error. 

3. Good Vibrations

A good tip for those betting on worm charming at Bet365, one of the biggest online sportsbook sites in the UK today, is to watch for the best shakers. Worms respond to vibrations. That much will be clear even to those just starting out learning how to win money worm charming. Thus the better the vibrations the more worms likely to come and see what’s going on. There are many ways these vibrations are created. Just remember to watch the results and not the show put on.

4. Chanting 

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A Worm Charming Tournament in Willaston Author: Graham Shaw [CC BY-SA]
This obnoxious habit has spoilt many a charming afternoon. Some will claim it cuts their worm charming odds, but that’s unlikely. Worms don’t have ears. The chances are most of the practitioners of this charming style are just trying to put other competitors off. It can work. A few hours of listen to a hippy going “Ohhm” is enough drive anyone mad. At no point whilst learning how to win money worm charming should you attempt to chant. It’s a path to the dark side.

5. Invocation Of Spirits

Worms do not respond well to demonic possession. Nor in the basking glow of any deity. Whilst technically all gods have mastery over the natural world calling upon them to assist is a tad gauche. Gods have better things to do, and demons typically just fry the worm. A resort to prayer is thus an act of desperation. Those who like to bet on sports in the UK, and those learning how to win money on worm charming in general, should thus steer clear. These are not winners.

6. Artificial Rain And Its Uses

Discovering how to win money worm charming will always hinge on methodology and skill. The use of artificial precipitation a common one. Worms do enjoy a bit of rain and providing one can often prove effective. Just be sure not to flood out your area, a noob error, or use contaminated water. Worms are no more fond of tainted H2O than you are. Some care should also be taken in terms of quantity over time. You’re replicating rain, not taking a morning shower at home.

7. The Bait Mistake

Those trying to learn how to win money worm charming, either playing or by gambling at online gambling sites in the UK like Bet365, should take heed. Whilst it is possible to use worms as bait for fish it is not as effective to use fish as bait for worms. On no account should you try and use fish sticks, fish fingers or cod fillets to try and charm worms. They are likely to either a) ignore them or b) decide they’re under threat and withdraw. Withdrawn worms are not often winners.

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