The Seven Worst Bets In The World This Week

None of us can see the future but whilst most us keep our gambling to a sensible wager on Bovada, one of the best online betting sites in the United States, to bet on the EPL, NBA or NFL even, others, the great and the good, have to take far larger risks and it can be hard to place these in the correct perspective, so for those at a bit of a contextual loss we present our list of the seven worst bets in the world from this week and try to provide some useful comparisons.

7 Worst Bets of the week
These are the worst bets you can make this week
  1. Inevitable Florida Recounts  

Andrew Gillum
Andrew Gillum

If you wagered on big races in the US 2018 Midterm elections this week you probably bet it would be all over by now but two key races in Florida now move into overtime with the senate race twixt Bill Nelson and Rick Scott as neck and neck as the governor’s race between Andrew Gillum and Ron DeSantis. So with a recount in the offing and multiple accusations of irregularity this easily makes our list of the seven worst bets in the world this week, it is, after all, Florida.

  1. Minister Transports Himself

Gambling your plan for Brexit, which was always going to be a bit of a fudge, would be so good you could retain all your ministers was one of the seven worst bets in the world this week. Theresa May losing Transport Minister Jo Johnson who will now campaign for another referendum, something May refuses to countenance. The Prime Minister of the UK thinking she can get away with this is like backing Fulham in the EPL at 30/1 to beat Liverpool on Sunday.

  1. Bonfire Night Blackface  

There will be those who regularly take advantage of US gambling laws who will wonder why Conservative member of Edenbridge council Trevor Bryant believed turning up at the November 5th celebration of foiling of the Gunpowder plot and execution of Guy Fawkes in blackface was going to be acceptable. He makes our list of the seven worst bets in the world this week because it was as likely as Flashing Glance winning the Arkle Chase at 100/1, and he should know better.

  1. Target – Emmanuel

Emmanuel Macron
Emmanuel Macron

One of the seven worst bets in the world this week has to be the Far Right group that was rounded up by French anti-terrorism units after it became clear they were planning a violent attack against French President Emmanuel Macron, already the target of an assassin early this year. The belief you can get away with something like that these days puts you in the same category as those who have backed Michelle Obama to be the next US President at 66/1. Barking.

  1. Rooney Randomly Returns

If you like to bet on sports in the US the friendly between England and the USA is the perfect opportunity however perhaps one of the very strangest of the seven worst bets in the world this week was the announcement that Wayne Rooney would return to international duty for this one game. The bizarre decision is a massive gamble considering what a Jonah he’s always been for England, it’s like hitting Bovada to put your money on Argentina to beat Ireland in Rugby at 7/1.

  1. Acosta Accosted Or Accoster?

Jim Acosta bet he could hold the US President to account this week under the misapprehension that the United States is still a democracy only to find it was one of the seven worst bets in the World this week as he not only lost his White House press credentials but the CNN stalwart was also falsely accused of physically attacking an intern. Sadly, thinking Donald Trump won’t silence his critics now is like backing Tony Bellew to beat 1/7 favorite Oleksandr Usyk. Stupid.

  1. Bugging Your Staff

Anyone in the US gambling news reports from China are always of scary economic growth would have been making one of the seven worst bets in the world this week after workers at a company in the country who fell short of their quotas were reported to have been forced to drink urine, eat cockroaches or be whipped by a belt. Worrying about Chinese global dominance, it turns out, is like a bet Matt Jones will win the Mayakoba Golf Classic from 1000/1 at Bovada.

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