Sheriff Gaming Comes Out With Another 3D Slot Game

Dutch internet casino game developer brings out Gold Raider - Finding the Throne of Skulls, the newest 3D slot game

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The times when a bell, a cherry and a pear were enough for a slot game animation are long gone. Competition is big in bringing new state-of-the-art graphics and animation into the online casino games. Developers are keen to create an interesting setting and frame story around gambling.

It seems like Dutch internet casino 3D game developer just can’t stop bringing out new games. After the release of a full suit of 42 games on May 12, the company’s new release, Gold Raider – Finding the Throne of Skulls is ready to hit the market.

This new 5 reel video slot, fully compliant with the recent changes in the Dutch gambling laws, reminds us of a bit of Indiana Jones. The character of Gold Raider is also treasure hunter. He takes the player through the Asian jungle, looking for hidden items to collect. You know the story.

Gold Raider’s main goal is to find the infamous Throne of Skulls. His enemies are the treasure guards, and he must keep his distance from booby traps and other dangers he meets in the jungle.

Since its launch in 2009, Sheriff Gaming has been hitting the Dutch gambling news with its continuous releases of quality 3D games. The company made convincing presentations to the industry and won some major clients such as Come On Europe Ltd. The company’s product line includes slot, progressive slot, table games, keno and scratch card titles.

Eric Roskamp, a spokesman for the company said: “All our 3D slots are produced by our in-house development team. Gold Raider is no exception. It contains feature-rich graphics, engaging features and an exciting story all produced by our professional 3D artists and audio specialists”.

It’s not just fancy graphics and animation that make a slot game successful. Perhaps most importantly, Gold Raider has an outstanding mathematical model that promises to hook the player on the game.

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