Should You Bet On Owen Wright to Win This Year’s World Surfing League?

Bet On Owen Wright to Win This Year’s World Surfing League

Coming from humble beginnings in New South Wales, Australia and brought up close to his home turf Culburra Beach a bet on Owen Wright to topple World Surfing league giants John John Florence, Gabriel Medina and Filipe Toledo could be a winner.

Winning last years Quiksilver Pro Gold Cost on the beautiful golden cost in Queensland Australia puts Owen Wright on the winning path for this years world surfing league Championship tour. And with Top sponsors betting on him, it’s no wonder that big names like Rip Curl, Dragon optics and Gorilla grip are long term sponsors of Owen Wright, you don’t get names like that unless your surfing really is a sight to behold.

<p.surfing history="" was="" made="" on="" tuesday="" the="" 16th="" of="" june="" 2015="" when="" owen="" wright="" scored="" not="" one="" but="" two="" perfect="" scores="" a="" single="" day="" at="" event,="" going="" to="" only="" make="" win="" association="" surfing="" professionals="" fiji="" pro.

Owen Wright

Owen after his second perfect 20.00 run at Fuji 2015 (source: Surfline)

Online sportsbook sites are showing favorable odds

Australian online sportsbook directories has accredited the world of professional surfing by deciding to follow this years World Surfing League Men’s world championship. Betting on Owen Wright will give you odds of (6.00), meaning a roughly 20% chance of winning and out of thirty seven professional surfers competing against him the odds are looking good!

With his younger sister the reigning champion of the female world surfing league, winning both the 2016 and 2017 world surfing league world tours and knocking up over thirteen world surfing league tour event wins there must be something in the blood for the Wright family.

Start following this year’s world surfing league

At only the third round of eleven there’s still plenty of time to get acquainted with this years world surfing tour, follow them as they tour tropical surfing paradises around the world. Get your board shorts and long island ice teas ready!

<p.the next="" stop="" on="" the="" world="" surfing="" league="" is="" margaret="" river="" pro,="" a="" key="" point="" tour.="" after="" respectable="" 5th="" place="" at="" both="" quiksilver="" pro="" gold="" coast="" and="" rip="" curl="" bells="" beach,="" round="" one="" two="" of="" 2018="" men's="" championship="" tour="" currently="" placing="" 4th="" with="" 9,490="" points="" already="" earning="" $38,000="" in="" winnings,="" will="" be="" chance="" for="" owen="" wright="" (6.00)="" to="" show="" what="" he’s="" made="" of.

Why you should bet on Owen Wright now

With betting odds changing throughout the completion (running until December 2018) placing a bet on the underdog Owen Wright (6.00) now is you surest change to get the best odds, if he starts winning (and I’m rooting for him) the so too will your winnings if you place that bet too late! So bet on Owen Wilson now, $100 dollars today will get you $500 back in December.

Place a bet on Owen Wright (6.00) now at Unibet sportsbook!

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