Should We Bet on Barcelona’s Opponents to Get a Penalty Ever Again?


Posted: September 20, 2017

Updated: October 4, 2017

Placing a bet on Barca penalties could be a good idea, but only if you plan to bet on favour of the Blaugrana…

Whenever you look at online sportsbook news sites in Spain, well, more like in Catalonia, you can always read how referees are in favour of Real Madrid. How they keep helping Galacticos win. Pique even went as far as pointing at La Liga president Javier Tebas after a game, asking him why he is so against Barcelona. There are certain things that Pique keeps forgetting about…

Gerard Pique is one of the loudest Catalan speakers when it comes to judging referees’ performances. He always fails to comment on the fact, however, that his team is probably the most liked team by the referees. For example, this video was made last week. You can see Pique’s hands. Of course it wasn’t a penalty. And it’s not the only occasion…

Will Barca opponents ever be given a penalty?!?

Let’s go with the facts first: there was no La liga opponent of FC Barcelona since the February of 2016 that would have been awarded a penalty. In over a year and a half, no team has received a penalty against Barcelona. In the meantime, the Blaugrana took 20 penalties. That’s almost twice as much than what Real Madrid were given (11).

However, while Barca’s ratio stands at 20-0, Real Madrid were given only 11 penalties and conceded 6. Barceona’s penalty difference is by far the best in La Liga. Athletic Bilbao comes second with their 10-3 record. And Barcleona players are the ones who cannot stop complaining about being so hurt by ref decisions. Isn’t it ironic?

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