Showboat Casino Fined for New Jersey Gambling Law Breach


Posted: December 5, 2013

Updated: October 4, 2017

Another New Jersey Casino Hits Trouble as Showboat is Fined $7,000 for Unshuffled Cards

The last thing Atlantic City needed was another casino hitting trouble, but that is exactly what they have, despite online casinos in the US state of New Jersey attracting 32,000 punters early on.

After the Atlantic Club Casino Hotel filed for bankruptcy back in November, the Showboat Casino also received a fine recently along with a hefty slap on the wrist for engaging in games involving unshuffled cards and misconduct in the money consulting room.

Showboat received a fine of $7,000 from the Gaming Enforcement of New Jersey State for violations of American gambling law, where the casino dealt out cards that were not shuffled. This violation occurred nine times in the period spanning September 2012 to 2013.

The $7,000 fine may not have sent Showboat down the route of bankruptcy, but it did serve as a warning that the State of New Jersey is cracking the whip when it comes on its casino laws.

Contributing to its problems, is the recent poll result that will lead to up to seven new casinos in upstate New York. This has made life difficult for New Jersey based casinos to stay competitive, especially when coupled with the current economic downturn, yet casinos are optimistic about their future in online gambling.

Moving their casinos online would not only cater to Atlantic City’s residents or entice neighboring gamblers back to the state, but would cater to its lofty ambitions to become a leading beachhead for a wider market in online gambling.

With the potential for mobile casinos in 2014, New Jersey is looking forward to the future, despite these economic and regulatory problems, while Atlantic City is already taking active steps to pursue a future in online casinos.
With the trial run of the first New Jersey online casinos complete, there is room for optimism throughout the state.

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