Make Money on Side Bets in Gambling Games

  • Side betting is a good way to earn extra money quickly
  • There is an endless variety of kinds of side bets
  • From poker to craps: side bets fit any game
side bets in gambling games

Did you know that there can be various side bets in gambling games like poker or blackjack? Apart from winning hands, players can wager on everything, from the color of flop to non-gambling events developing together with the game. This is an additional way to earn money, so let’s see how to make side bets.

Gambling offline is beneficial not only due to the winning in card or dice games but also due to the possibility of betting on everything around you. This is actually what side bets do. Although this possibility is limited at online casinos in the US, playing real-life poker or blackjack will feel completely different after trying side-bet gambling!

Side betting: definition and advantages

First, let’s see what side betting is in terms of gambling. It is usually a wager that is made beyond the normal rules of the game. In other words, it is a bet proposed to become a part of the game but not included by the basic rules. Every player can contribute to side betting and the bet becomes valid if all participants approve it.

The advantages of side bets are obvious: it is an additional way to win money. While playing poker or any other game can bring you profit once per round at the best, winning on side bets can be endless. Players can create from one to hundreds of side bets during one game! Interested? Let’s see how it works.

side bets in gambling games
Let’s start betting!

Kinds of side bets in gambling games

Side bets in gambling games can touch upon any topic. They are usually divided into two major categories: game-related and non-gambling. While some game-related side bets are available at Intertops Casino, using both kinds of bets is possible during the offline game only.

Game-related side betting includes every bet on the ongoing game in poker, blackjack, baccarat, craps, etc. Let’s take poker as an example. Apart from winning hands, players can bet on everything related to the game; there are no particular rules or guides. Players can choose every situation and make additional profit from it. The ideas can be the following:

  • The color of a flop. Players can arrange an additional pot betting on the color of a flop in Omaha or Hold’Em.
  • The winner. When all players are out and there are only two left, the others can bet on the most possible winner, his hand, all its suits, etc. 
  • The first to be out. At the beginning of the game, all players can wager on the first person who will give up.
  • More ideas come up in dice games. Apart from standard bets, players can unlimitedly roll dice and wager on its outcome. This is the easiest way to earn extra cash.

There are even more interesting side bets – the non-gambling ones. It means that players have really unlimited choice of making side bets. They can wager literally on everything that happens during the game – starting from news occurring on TV and ending with the time when a delivery guy brings pizzas. The main condition is that the event has to take place at the same time as the poker (or other game) is played. 

Where to wager on side bets?

Players can use side bets in gambling games mostly at land-based casinos in Vegas as few online sources allow them. At the same time, arranging several additional pots on the table is possible in most gambling rooms. You just need to find gamblers who like the idea of placing side bets and agree with a dealer.

The best option, however, is playing gambling games with friends. In this case, betting opportunities can reach new heights and bring a lot of fun and money.

You can discover more about Intertops Poker here.

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