Singapore Starts Blocking Gambling Sites

Posted: February 3, 2015

Updated: October 6, 2017

A new law is passed in Singapore making all online gambling and mobile access gambling illegal for reasons of protecting the public from the harmful effects of gambling 

Singapore gambling news reports that a new law has caused hundreds of gambling websites to be blocked from public access in order to halt unlicensed online gambling says the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA). The Ministry also went on to say that the regulation of remote gambling is necessary to maintain law and order while minimizing the harmful risks of remote gambling towards minors and other “vulnerable” members of society.

The MHA has re-instated that any efforts to access or make payments to these gambling sites will be blocked. In addition, a Gambling Regulatory Unit will monitor the websites and any payment transactions related to them. Various media reports say that additional research will be collected in order to track the number of visitors to these websites. In order to carry out this process more efficiently, MHA authorities will work with other gambling regulators in France and other countries.

Singapore’s Remote Gambling Act Continues to Be Enforced

The country passed their Remote Gambling Act last October in accordance to Singapore gambling laws.Gambling through unlicensed online sites violates this act. Also, the use of mobile phones for gambling constitutes a violation. Penalties for apprehended gamblers can range up to six months in prison or $3,700 fine. Any perpetrator caught drawing minors to gambling will face harsher penalties.

Advertisements of online gambling are also banned. Since the new law was passed on Monday, the Ministry of Home Affairs has multiplied its efforts to rout out any public access to internet gambling as well as its access to the public. Any Internet Service Providers as well as financial institutions who aide, assist or allow money transfers which go against the blocking order will be punished.

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