Six Players Fined for Illegal Gambling on Chinese New Year


Posted: February 7, 2014

Updated: February 7, 2014

The Malaysian police caught six people playing illegal gambling games at a condominium in Gelugor.

Six people almost ended up in jail for engaging in illegal gambling. On the second day of Chinese New Year, the cops found the accused at a condominium unit in Jalan Kaki Bukit, Gelugor, where they were playing games using chips.

Aged between 22 and 43, the gamblers were charged under Section 6 (1) of the Common Gaming Houses Act 1953 and were facing a fine or imprisonment. The group admitted to breaking Malaysian gambling laws, which forbid casino games outside the state’s licensed venues.

Fine instead of prison

In order to obtain the lowest sentence possible for his clients, lawyer argued before magistrate Sri Pracha Nanthini Balabedha that the group was merely having a good time during the Chinese New Year, and did not intend to break the law.

According to local gambling news, the lawyer said: “It never occurred to them to commit a crime. They are not hardcore gamblers and do not have any previous criminal records. They are also respected people in the society and have their own families to look after.”

He added that his clients regretted their action, which seemed convincing enough for the judge, as he let the gamblers get away with a RM 1,200 fine per person.

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