LGA Asks for Tougher Licensing Laws to Stop Betting Shop Influx

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The Local Government Association in the UK has asked for tougher licensing powers to protect their communities from the clustering of betting shops on the high street.

In UK gambling news, the LGA, which is an organization made up of over 370 English and Welsh councils has said that the government needs to do something about the influx of betting shops in urban areas.
The LGA is calling for a change in UK gambling laws to put a cap on the amount of betting shops that are licensed in one particular area.

The government is being asked to let individual councils consider the “cumulative impact” of gambling facilities and betting shops. Where the LGA cites that excessive shops in one area have a negative impact on local people and communities.

Local UK councils are being asked to put a cap on the influx of betting shops

“Councils aren’t anti-bookies but need powers to tackle the damage that can be caused to high streets and town centers by the clustering of betting shops,” said LGA licensing spokesperson councilor Tony Page.
It’s not only the LGA who have been vocal about the rise of high street betting shops, but CEO of William Hill, one of the UK’s largest bookmakers, has also given his objections against the clustering issue.

 “The government must now also join us around the table and commit to reforming the licensing powers available to local people and their councils to take decisions that are right for their communities,” concluded Page.
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