Skill vs Luck in Games – Which Game Should You Play?


Posted: May 13, 2020

Updated: May 13, 2020

  • Some games need a little bit of skill to guarantee a win
  • Feeling lucky? You should play these games
  • Understand the Skill vs Luck in Games to pick the game that suits you.

Gambling by its nature includes some level of risk and uncertainty. Any gambling game you choose to play will have that element of losing or winning in it. However, different games have different risk levels which depend on the rules of the game. Games that require a little bit of skill to play usually have higher winning chances. While games that heavily depend on luck usually give the house a significant edge over the players. In this article, we explain the skill vs luck in games, and which games belong to what category.

Skill-Based Gambling Games

The goal of playing any gambling game is to win money, but more importantly, have fun doing so. Many people try to steer away from gambling games that require a little bit of skill because they think it will stress them out. What if I told that playing a gambling game that requires a little bit of skill is so much fun too? Unlike gambling games based on pure luck, when playing skill-based games, you have a little control over the situation. Isn’t that fun? You decide on your strategy, plan, and try to predict what are the odds of others beating you. Although this could be a little challenging, but it is the fastest way to grow your wealth doing what you love. So, what are some of the games that I am talking about? And how can you quickly learn them?

Skill vs Luck in Games
How fast can you count?

The most famous gambling game that requires skill is Blackjack. If you mathematically calculate all the correct moves, the house edge drops to less than 1%. Sometimes, you can even have the edge over the house if you can perfectly count cards in blackjack. Another game that requires skill and calculation ability is poker. However, poker has a little bit of luck factor in it. If your cards are not winning, it will be very difficult unless you get very lucky.

Finally, sports betting requires a little bit of skill to bet the side that is going to win. Although lower or higher odds give an indication of who is more likely to win. You must consider the other external factors that might affect the outcome. For instance, imagine that two football teams are going to play against each other, and the better team has their best player injured. This should make reconsider the winning odds of the better team, and how much this injury will affect them.

Luck-Based Gambling Games

If you are about just having fun and do not care about winning or losing money while gambling then luck-based games are the best for you. These types of games require no skill at all and are very easy to learn. You can even start playing some of them without any guide or instructions. However, you must be 100% sure that you are betting on money that you can afford to lose. In comparison with skill games, the house edge for luck-based games is quite high. Furthermore, you have no control over this edge, and you cannot do anything to increase your chances of winning. Here are some of the luck-based gambling games and ways to approach such games.

Skill vs Luck in Games
It’s not just all luck

The most famous luck-based gambling game is the slot machine. They are the easiest game to play as all you have to do is insert the money into the machine and pull the lever. The game basically has no rules, and all you are trying to do is lineup three identical symbols together. But what if I told you that you could implement some strategies to increase your winning chances? Check out this article about how to manipulate a slot machine to find out more!

Roulette is another game that you should play when you are feeling lucky. This because the rules of the game do not allow you any control of the situation whatsoever. You are only hoping that the ball lands where you called it would, otherwise you will lose. Other games of luck include bingo, keno, craps, and all the scratch card games. All of these games give the house a significant edge over the players, therefore, try playing them with the main intention of having fun.

Which one Should you pick? – Skill vs Luck in Games

Since gambling is all about having fun and winning money, you should pick the game that most suits your interests. Whenever you are trying to pick a game to play, take into consideration three things. First, you must be logical and remind yourself that regardless of what type of game you choose, there is always a chance of winning or losing. You can never completely eliminate your chances of losing. Second, consider the house edge of the game you are playing. Think about all the options and try to pick the games with a lower house edge to increase your winning chances. Finally, be aware of yourself and understand your skills and abilities. If you are good at math and calculations, go for the skill-based games. Otherwise, you should go for the luck-based games.

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