Slot Machine Swallows 40p and Gives out GBP18,000 Prize

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A woman placed a 40p bet and won the GBP18,265.49 prize on the Fort Knox progressive jackpot.

The Aspers Casino claimed this as the biggest win since the UK Government changed British gambling laws to increase prize limits. The minimum bet on this slot machine is 20p and the game allows players to win up to GBP 20,000.

Patricia told reporters that, before actually winning with her 40p wager, she had inserted several pounds in the slot machine. Now that the GBP18,000 prize has been won, the jackpot on the Fort Knox machine went down to GBP 10,000. However, the prize on the slot machine will keep going up again, until some lucky player wins again.

According to local gambling news, Patricia beat the record for the biggest prize offered under the country’s new gambling laws. The Aspers Casino in Stratford, London held the previous record of GBP 18,096, which was won on March 7.

New law, bigger prizes

Last October, the UK Gambling Commission has set new limits for the maximum stake and prize limit on some gaming machines. Before these changes, the casino offered a GBP 4,000 jackpot on the slot machine.

The venue’s manager, David Stratford, told reporters: “We are thrilled to see Patricia win the jackpot. The new government law allows us to offer gamers the exciting chance to win a higher cash prize and making Aspers the home of the big win.”

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