Smallest Casinos in the World

  • The world’s smallest casino in a taxi
  • The former world’s smallest casino
  • The smallest casino in Vegas
  • Goa’s small gambling destination
smallest casinos in the world

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about casinos is huge and luxurious casinos of Las Vegas or Monte Carlo. However, there are also quite interesting casinos that are not huge and glamorous. In fact, they are very small. In this article, we wrote about the smallest casinos in the world and whether you prefer to play at online casinos in the UK or in real casinos, you should check it out.

Grosvenor London Taxi Cab is one of the smallest casinos in the world

The world’s smallest casino is also a traveling one – Grosvenor London cab.

It has the title of the smallest casino in the world since 2016 when Grosvenor Casino decided to launch a casino in a London taxi as a part of their advertising campaign.

If you thought that because of its size this casino can’t provide full casino experience, you are wrong. It has a gaming table, a croupier, online gaming services, and even a bar and a TV screen for live sports betting.

You can request a ride in the Grosvenor London cab tweeting at Grosvenor Casinos’ Twitter account.

Santa Ysabel

For a long time, Santa Ysabel Casino was number one of the smallest casinos in the world. Located in San Diego, California, the casino was just 600 square feet before 2007. At that time the casino had just 30 slot machines. The casino was popular mainly because of its size and was successful for quite some time.

Inspired by the popularity of the casino the owners decided to renovate it in 2007. They placed 349 slot machines in the smallest casino in the world. Moreover, they had plans to make it a resort complex.

However, the casino had financial difficulties mainly because of the many other big casinos in the area. So, eventually, after some big financial losses it had to close down in 2014.

Las Vegas’ smallest casino – Slots-A-Fun Casino

smallest casinos in the world
Slots A Fun Casino in the Winchester, Nevada – Photo by Shak3zula at en.wikipedia via Wikimedia Commons [CC BY-SA]
If you find yourself in Vegas and for some reason tired of big glamorous casinos, this place is for you. In fact, Slots-A-Fun is not only one of the smallest casinos in the world, but also the smallest casino in the Strip.

It opened in 1971 and since 2009 it has been owned by Circus Circus Las Vegas.

Despite its small size, you can find here a bowling alley, a gift shop, a restaurant, and some bar games, like pool and shuffleboard.

Here you can have some old school Vegas fun with a low budget. It is famous for its cheap food and drinks, and also for its free popcorn. Moreover, here you can find the lowest limit games in Las Vegas. For example, you could wager $2 at craps or $1 at blackjack.

Casino Palms, Goa is one of the smallest casinos in the world

Casino Palms is not the best casino to visit if you are looking for a great casino experience. It is part of La Calypso resort and the main accent here is on the hotel.

The casino here is one room with games like Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette and some slots. Still, in its quite tiny territory, the casino offers a nice gambling experience if you’re not looking for something very special.

Don’t forget to check online casino news in the UK to know all about casino life.

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