The Soapy F1 2019 Odds George Russell Gets At Williams

The F1 2019 odds George Russell garners at bookies like Bet365, one of the best online betting sites in the UK, are twice that of fellow debutant Lando Norris. But, with the former going to the struggling Williams and the other poised to take up a seat for McLaren, is it final proof that the car matters far more than the man in modern day Formula One? Has he shackled himself to a corpse and be just another walk-on part in the soap opera that is F1? We take a look.

George Russel

The 2018 season finished, as all good soap operas do, with a cliffhanger as Robert Kubica returned to Williams, the proverbial one-armed man, to race alongside the young alien hybrid George Russell, comfortable winner of the 2018 F2 series. The F1 2019 odds George Russell gets to win the WDC next year are 1000/1, which seem fair enough for a debutant till you notice Lando Norris attracts a far lower 500/1 to pull off the same miracle. So what’s the difference?

In simple terms the car. McLaren might not be pushing for the wins any time soon, a second string team behind the Mercedes and Ferraris of this world, but they’re doing a lot better than the floundering Williams who seem unlikely to return from the break much improved. Norris may have come 2nd behind Russell in F2 but if you want to bet on sports in the UK over this festive season there are plenty of wagers to back Lando to beat those F1 2019 odds George Russell gets.

Russell Vs Norris Vs Albon Vs Giovinazzi  

Debutant F1 WDC Odds

  • Alexander Albon – 1000/1
  • George Russell – 1000/1
  • Antonio Giovinazzi – 750/1
  • Lando Norris – 500/1

Lando gets 4/11 at sites like Bet365 to score more points than George next season and you’ll only find around 2/1 on the reverse occurring. The Williams are just not on the same pace,  and whilst you can hunt around in the F1 2019 odds George Russell garners and find there’s 16/1 on offer that he’ll nab a podium in any race next year, Lando Norris gets just 5/1 to grab a top three finish sometime in 2019. Norris gets just 20/1 to actually win a race next year. Russell a far longer 50/1.

The most telling odds, however are those in the constructors championship where Williams get a frankly very generous 250/1 and McLaren a fair and just 100/1. Neither one really have a chance of winning the title, but their relative performances are obvious. Of course if you’re going to take advantage of UK gambling laws to back a relative noob to get a win or podium next year you’re far better off ignoring the F1 2019 odds George Russell or Lando Norris get and back Leclerc.

F1 2019 Odds – George Russell Podium? 16/1 At Bet365

F1 WDC Favorites 2019

  • Daniel Ricciardo – 66/1
  • Pierre Gasly – 28/1
  • Valterri Bottas – 14/1
  • Charles Leclerc – 9/1
  • Max Verstappen – 9/2
  • Sebastian Vettel – 10/3
  • Lewis Hamilton – 8/11

Leclerc has stepped up from a semi-successful season at feeder team Sauber to Ferrari (as Kimi Raikkonen moves in the opposite direction) and because of the power at the disposal of his right foot gets far shorter prices than the F1 2019 odds George Russell or Lando Norris receive. Charlie gets 4/9 to win a race next season and just 5/4 to get a podium finish under his belt before this time next year. Driving for Ferrari he gets just 9/1 to win the WDC, Kimi at Sauber? 300/1.

Do not be fooled by the young fresh faces in 2019, the cars they’re in are far more important than their skill, and a season’s experience is worth its weight in gold. Anyone in the UK gambling news next year will be of Antonio Giovinazzi, Alexander Albon or Lando Norris winning a race really must take up those F1 2019 odds George Russell gets because they’re obviously a terminal optimist. For those that want a risk rather than a hopeless cause, back Charlie Leclerc instead.

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