Somerville breaks WCOOP Records with 37,000 Viewers

WCOOP records broken by Jason Somerville

Jason Somerville broke WCOOP records of popularity with the most poker viewers on his live stream channel.

Online gambling sites in Canada report that the most unique poker player at WCOOP 2015 has been found. Jason Somerville has shown incredible performances throughout the rewarding competition. He was participating in Event #7 of the 2015 World Championship of Online Poker, and what he did was completely outstanding. Somerville’s WCOOP records were broken as a result of his incredible set of skills and his ability to talk.

•Somerville performed outstandingly
•He finished in the 6th position
•“Showtime43” won the competition

Experienced poker players and experts were also surprised to see Somerville in action. Even though the fact that many of them believed that they have seen everything, they are not even close. Keep on reading to find out how Jason Somerville from Canada has become the most unique poker player at WCOOP.

The most unique poker player at WCOOP was incredible during the competition

Jason jcarver Somerville

Admittedly ever since his coming out, he’s got more than his share of media attention

Jason Somerville was playing in the Event #7 of WCOOP and was doing rather well. However, that is not the only thing that turned him into an incredibly memorable poker player. Basically he became a legend because by the time he was playing poker to win the more than 100,000-dollar first prize, he was also broadcasting his own battles via live stream.

He was multitasking at the highest level and he did not fail to put 100% effort in everything he did. Jason Somerville never stopped talking for the followers on his Twitch and RunItUp live stream broadcast. In addition, the unique poker player at WCOOP also managed to keep being witty, and all in all, interesting.

Somerville broke the WCOOP records of poker viewers

Let’s clear one thing out, when you play poker, paying attention to your opponents and concentrating on the game are among the most important things. Now he was narrating the game, so his mates could obviously concentrate more than he was able to, yet Somerville was doing outstandingly at the tables. Somerville was extremely calm during the competition, despite the fact that he was play online poker in Canada for a cash reward of over USD 100,000. He was commenting his own actions while playing, which lasted for more than 10 hours.

Jason Somerville Twitch studio

Obviously he couldn’t bring a studio in the poker room

And whoever listened to his channel, will agree with me at least in one thing: Somerville was unbelievably relaxed and entertaining throughout the entire time, which is really hard to keep up for 10 hours! That is one of the main reasons why Jason Somerville’s WCOOP records were broken by incredible numbers. More than 37,000 people were watching his broadcast channel simultaneously and he has collected a total of more than 8 million unique views.

The Phenomenon’s plan worked well

Whether his plan was to be able to concentrate more on the game with this method, or distracting his opponents, his plan worked perfectly fine anyways. Jason “jacarverpoker” Somerville was marching towards the final and he was seemingly unstoppable. He was a member of the final table, where he, in fact, arrived as the chip leader.

After several great earnings and knocking out some of the best online poker players, Somerville started declining. He finished in the 6th position eventually, even though the fact that he was the favourite for a while. Somerville’s WCOOP records counted a total of USD 22,673.50 + USD 15,666.29 in cash rewards. His fellow compatriot, Canadian “Showtime43” resulted as the best player of online poker sites. His prize was USD 98,048.91 + USD 28,470.05.

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