South African Rural Province Sees Limited Video Slots Release

Posted: July 15, 2011

Updated: July 19, 2021

Limited payout machines introduced in South Africa aiming to provide equal opportunities for all gamers and eradicate illegal gambling

Mahikeng was the first town which was honored by the normally anti-gambling South African government with restricted gambling permits for limited payout slot machines.

The initiative was overseen by the North West Gambling Board and Department of Economic Development and Tourism, hoping to provide new recreational and entertainment facilities in the province.

The limited payout machines are perfectly in line with South African gambling laws and will provide equal opportunities for previously disadvantaged players. Provincial manager of the Board, Fortune Sekgaphane, commented: “Unlike casinos, limited payout machines will be distributed more widely throughout the province.”

Sekgaphane hopes that the introduction of the slot machines will help the economic growth of the province, by encouraging medium and small sized businesses a limited entry into the lucrative gambling industry.

Until the South African government makes online casinos in South Africa legal, limited payout machines are the perfect solution for those who can’t afford to play at a land-based casino, yet still want to gamble.

Previously, small-time gamblers had to turn to illegal gambling to satisfy their gaming needs. With the help of limited payout video slot machines, any small and medium business can now offer legal gaming opportunities with an inexpensive restricted gaming license.

Mr. Sekgaphane also told online gambling news in South Africa: “It is critical for us to continue to facilitate the entry of small and medium business in the gambling industry, and the licensing of limited payout machines presents us with a perfect opportunity to do this.”

It seems that with the introduction of limited payout machines, South Africa has been able to kill two birds with one stone by attracting more gaming revenues and making life of illegal gambling operators extremely hard.

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