Special Bets at Oscar 2020: Bet on the Opening of the Show or the Last Person in the Memorial

  • Special bets of the Oscar 2020 will offer random topics
  • You can bet on the last person appearing in the Memorial
  • More common bets include the winner of Best Animated Feature
Special bets at Oscar 2020

Each year, the Academy Awards is the biggest film event of the season, with all its glamour and famous guests. Its importance is recognized by bookmakers as well, who are offering several different options to bet on. Special bets at Oscar 2020 are giving you the chance to bet on some very unusual things. 

Certainly, most people are betting on the possible winners of the main categories, like Best Picture, Best Actor/Actress or Best Director. We also covered the favorites in these categories previously. But there is a separate option under the name of special bets, which covers a wide range of topics you can bet on. There are some more obvious ones, like the winner of Best Animated Feature, and some more special ones as well. 

Special bets at Oscar 2020:  Elton John, Toy Story 4 and others

The smallest odds are offered by online sportsbooks in the US for Toy Story 4 winning the Best Animated Picture with the odds of 1.33. It seems like a clear win, even though Frozen 2 or How to Train Your Dragon’s next episode can also be in the nominees. Another likely event you can bet on is the opening of the show by Elton John and Taron Egerton who plays the singer in Rocketman. Last year Adam Lambert and the Queen opened the Oscars after the dominance of Bohemian Rhapsody. So it seems reasonable to have this year’s musical film and its legend for the opening. It has the odds of 1.50 at 1xBet. 

A bit more random option is to bet on the acceptance speeches or. To be accurate you can bet if the best actor/actress winner will thank the Academy first after winning. Checking last year’s speeches, it is not that likely though, just listen back to Olivia Colman’s hilarious speech. It took 4 and a half minutes, but she hasn’t mentioned the Academy once. Neither did Rami Malek, the winner of Best Actor award last year who managed to fall off the stage after. 

Online gambling sites in the US are also predicting that the last person at the Memorial will be an actor/actress.  While the odds for the last shown person here being a director is 3.00. If you want to raise your chances, you can check all the famous people who died in 2019 and hope they will be shown in alphabetical order. 

Combined bets and random ones

Special bets at Oscar 2020
Joaquin Phoenix – Image source: Diana Ringo / CC BY-SA via Wikimedia Commons

Special bets at Oscar 2020 are listing lots of different combinations as well, like The Irishman winning the Best Picture Oscar and Joaquin Phoenix to win the Best Actor Award at the same time. If they win, you can take home 4.7 times your wager at 1XBET. It’s not too bad, especially as both have actually fairly good chances to happen. 

But my personal favorite bet is a very random one. You can actually bet on the winner of the Best Actor/Actress category dropping the Oscar on stage. In the 92 year history of the Oscar, this has happened only once, but not at stage, only at the after-party. The 15-months old daughter of The King’s Speech co-producer has dropped the golden statuette and broke it. Luckily the organizers prepared for that and offered him a replacement. 

Another great bet predicts if a person born in Sweden will win an Oscar with the odds of 5.00. You would need to do a little background work to check if there is anyone in the favorites to have a chance. It is easier to guess though if another huge mistake, the announcement of the wrong winner can happen again. I believe everyone has learned from Warren Beatty’s example, and check the winner’s name three times before announcing it to everyone. But if you think it could happen again, the odds are 11.00 for that. 

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