Spectacular Summer Ahead of Cesc Fabregas Due To Potential Transfer Back in The UK

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Francesc “Cesc” Fabregas is a transfer target number one for several top teams in Premier League during the 2014 summer transfer window.

Fabregas is one of the stars in the Spanish national team, currently playing for FC Barcelona. He is a central midfielder, but he also takes the position of winger or second striker in some games.

Fabregas first team was Barcelona, where he was a trainee, but his professional career started in Arsenal FC when he was just 16 years old. Cesc was given a chance to show his extraordinary potential when Arsenal midfielders suffered serious injuries during 2004-2005 season.

Cesc gradually became the team’s starting central midfielder and captain, turning into one of the best players in his position. This turn of events made his first team Barcelona fight to get him back, which finally happened in 2011 when the Spaniards paid a total of GBP 40 million for Fabregas.

Barcelona’s bad season

Cesc Fabregas is probably going to play in England after the summer transfer window

• His former team Arsenal is bookies’ favorite for his signature
• He is currently playing for Barcelona
• Cesc is one of best at his position as central midfielder

Fabregas naturally became unaltered part of Barcelona, performing at his best, thus easily acquired the title of one of the best players at his position on the whole continent, regularly bringing serious cash to all his fans who bet on sports in Spain.

Naturally, life cannot be so perfect all the time, and 2013-2014 season was not Cesc’s best. Perhaps the reason for that is the overall poor season for his team.

The downfall started with the loss during the final of Copa del Rey, the fiasco at the Champions League quarter finals against Atletico Madrid and last but not least the poor overall performance in La Liga.

Return in the UK

The rumors that Fabregas will leave Barcelona during this summer transfer window are spreading extremely fast, especially having in mind that Barca will have very brief lift of its transfer ban.

Therefore, various bookmakers following the UK gambling laws give serious odds that he will return in England. Currently, bookies favorite for Fabregas’ signature is his former club Arsenal with 8/11 chances and the gossip says that the club is willing to pay EUR 29 million for him.

The predictions that he will transfer comes naturally after the bad season, when the team was criticized in general. Furthermore, Fabregas also suffered personal accusations for his performance, despite his 42 games in the current season.

Possible options for transfer

Not considering the most probable transfer, his teammate Gerard Pique spoke out for him and defended him after the negative reaction of the fans lately: “I think it is a mistake to focus on just one player. Blame it on the players, okay, but not just Cesc.”

Furthermore: “The season has not been good and I think we are all part of a group that haven’t quite got things right.”

As already mentioned couple of teams have chances to sign Fabregas this summer and Paddy Power, top UK bookie, gives the best odds to Arsenal (8/11), followed by Manchester United FC (5/1) and FC Bayern Munich (10/1).

Man Utd desires

Regardless of all the predictions that Arsenal will win the battle for the player, Manchester United is still in the game.

The team is planning to offer the amazing GBP 45 million for him, and a personal salary of GBP 200,000, which may definitely help it to score the transfer.

However, David Moyes, current Man Utd manager, is expected to be replaced by Louis van Gaal, who will have the final say.

The replacement is expected this week and van Gaal has already expressed his intentions to build up better mid-field and Fabregas is definitely one of the top targets.

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