Speedway World Championship 2020 Bets

  • For the 2020 season there will be 15 permanent riders
  • The 2020 Speedway Grand Prix season will be the 26th season of the Speedway Grand Prix era
Speedway world championship 2020 bets, Speedway Grand Prix predictions, Bartosz Zmarzlik, online sportsbook sites of Germany

The new season did not prepare serious changes. We are waiting for the same number of countries as last year. The only change is that Russia will take one of the stages of the 2020 Speedway Grand Prix instead of Slovenia. 

We represent the speedway racers from the very beginning of the Grand Prix cycle to the last stage. Do not forget to check the latest reviews for the Speedway world championship 2020 bets on online sportsbook sites of Germany. The classification winner has enriched more than a million dollars.

The prize pool in the single-player tournament is currently $ 84,400. The winner of the competition receives 12 thousand, and athletes from the highest place 8.8 thousand and 7.2 thousand. 

Moreover, you can follow his last spectacular performances. The 24-year-old driver stands the 1.4 odds to win in 2020 Speedway Grand Prix. 

Here are Speedway world championship 2020 bets for top 3
Bartosz Zmarzlik Yes    1.4
Bartosz Zmarzlik No    2.98
Leon Madsen Yes    1.4
Leon Madsen No   2.98
Emil Saifutdinov Yes               1.6
Emil Saifutdinov No    2.35

Speedway World Championship 2020 bets: only the fastest can become millionaires

  1. Greg Hancock (USA) – $ 1.25 million

    Speedway world championship 2020 bets, Speedway Grand Prix predictions, Bartosz Zmarzlik, online sportsbook sites of Germany
    Greg Hancock

First, there could be only one winner. At the stages appeared 218 times. Although he will turn 50 next year, he’s not going to finish his career at all, so his result may be even greater. More than two decades of American launches in the cycle allowed him to enrich more than $ 1.25 million.

  1. Tomasz Gollob (Poland) – $ 1 million

The second place in the ranking is Tomas Gollob. The 2010 World Champion started in the Grand Prix cycle from 1995-2013. The winner of a number of races received 120 thousand dollars. Gollob brought to Bydgoszcz behind his back Jason Kramp (40 thousand), Rune Holt (25 thousand) and Nicky Pedersen (15 thousand).

  1. Nicky Pedersen (Denmark) – 996 thousand dollars

Third place is for Nicky Pederson. It was not enough for him to be in the elite circle of millionaires at the Speedway Grand Prix. Until now, speaking in competitions for the world title, he earned a little more than 990 thousand dollars. The best for the three-time world champion was the 2008 season. Then he collected a total of rewards in the amount of 98.100 dollars. It is possible that the Dane in the future will exceed the magic barrier.

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Speedway Grand Prix Revolution

It should be noted that the huge changes in the Speedway Grand Prix in 2020 became a fact.  Starting from 2020, only the first six racers will be guaranteed to continue participating in the championship. Moreover, the scoring system is also changing. Take your chance!!! Nowadays, it’s much easier to wager on this topic on online sportsbook news in Germany.  After the changes, the Grand Prix winner will receive 20 points. Further points will be awarded as follows: 18, 16, 14, 12, 11, 10. 9.  On 1xBET sportsbook we suggest Speedway world championship 2020 bets. You can expect high multipliers and earn a neat profit. However, racers who do not qualify for the semifinals will be classified based on the points they scored in the main stage. Their final position will decide how many points they will receive in the general classification of SGP.

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