Sportingbet Fights Back Spanish Court Decision after Codere Claim

Sportingbet is not giving up without a fight in a growing protest against Spanish injunction launched by Codere.

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Ever since Sportingbet lost to Codere in Spain, the online sportsbook has been contemplating how to strike back. Under current Spanish gambling laws the sports betting site was found to be operating illegally. Read more in our Codere Bullies Sportingbet into Submission in Spain article.

Now, Sportingbet launch a widespread protest in the media including Spain gambling news. The sportsbook also plans to launch a formal judicial appeal. Sportingbet was not the only target of profit hungry Codere, when it launched a series of injunctions against foreign betting operators.

Operators of online sportsbooks in Spain naturally have a different point of view, namely describing Codere’s actions as an attempt to unfairly restrict the Spanish online gambling industry prospects for foreign operators.

Codere embarked upon similar actions in different regions of Spain and was more or less unsuccessful in making the courts take their point of view. However, the Commercial Court in Madrid took Codere’s side against Sportingbet.

Sportingbet’s media statement talks about the company not being notified about the application against it and received no opportunity to defend its position.

The statement reads: “All of Codere’s applications were rejected by various Spanish courts, with the exception of one made against Sportingbet in the Commercial Court in Madrid, where the court found against Sportingbet.”

It goes on to say: ”Sportingbet firmly believes that Codere’s injunction application was based on erroneous information presented to the Court, and is a blatant attempt to disrupt the market in the run up to the issue of licenses.”

The company concludes by saying: “Sportingbet subsequently attended a hearing at the Court in Madrid on 16 February 2012 at which it defended its legally compliant position. In spite of this, the Court has granted the injunction which comes into immediate effect today, 27 March 2012.”

The appeal against Codere’s claim is now being prepared following legal advice that there was absolutely no regulation basis for the claim.

The online sportsbook has already applied for a new license under the 2011 Spanish gambling laws. A series of meetings with the Spanish Gaming Regulator is scheduled, and Sportingbet hopes to receive its license by 25th of May 2012.

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