Sportradar Aims to Increase Betting Integrity in Norway

Norwegian gambling laws

World-renowned sports gambling monitor group Sportradar has announced their intention to increase the betting integrity in Norway.

Sportradar will be partnering up with the Norwegian Gaming and Foundation Authority to develop an anti-match manipulation platform for gamblers. This platform is intended to counteract manipulation of sports competitions, as well as help boost the country’s fight against fixed matches.

Henrik Nordal, senior advisor for the Norwegian National Advisor, commented on the Norwegian gambling news by stating, “Norway has been able to forge on with setting up its national platform, having ratified the Macolin Convention at the end of 2014.”

He continued, “We are now at the phase where we are putting all the pieces in place, all the systems and processes and relationships in place that will consolidate our country’s defences and protect the integrity of our sports. Sportradar’s expertise and tools around detection and intelligence are a crucial part of those defences and we look forward to working with their specialists over the coming years.” 

Sportradar will be working with a team of specialists with the Norwegian regulatory board to help identify potential match-fixings as soon as they occur, and improve the general betting integrity in Norway overall.

What’s the gambling situation in Norway right now?

For many years, Norwegian gambling laws were extremely strict, and even playing simple card games for money was seen as taboo. Today however, the Norwegian government allows most forms of traditional gambling.

Online gambling in Norway is also legal, but tightly controlled by one state-run company called Norsk Tipping. They are responsible for monitoring all internet gambling in Norway, and currently operate the only Norwegian gambling site that players can access.

Luckily for gambling fans that want a little more variety, there are a number of great foreign internet gambling sites that players can access in Norway. Many of these sites are highly reviewed, and offer a wide range of great betting options for everything from sports betting to casino games online.

Do you think Sportradar will help to improve the betting integrity in Norway? How will this affect the gambling industry here? Tell us what you think by leaving a comment below, and make sure to check out GamingZion’s list of online casinos in Norway to find all the best websites offering casino games for cash!

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