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Posted: May 23, 2022

Updated: May 23, 2022

  • Will Red Light Green Light Appear Again?
  • The best available Squid Game Season 2 predictions
  • Squid Game Season 2 Betting

Online sportsbook sites in the US are already ready for round two of the best show. Because Squid Game became one of the most popular shows on Netflix and all over the world. Furthermore, it is also one of the best gambling pop culture references. It is no wonder why Bovada Sportsbook is featuring three different betting lines on Squid Game Season 2 already. They did it at the best time when they were about to lose some subscribers. Because the whole world is interested in the second take on this iconic show. Therefore, we are going to introduce you to the odds for the Squid Game Season 2 Betting. Furthermore, we are also going to share our opinions and solid betting tips on these items. You can already find several Squid Game s02 Odds and fan theories flying around the internet.

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Squid Game Season 2 Betting

According to Variety, the creator of Netflix predicts that Season 2 is not going to be released until late 2023, or early 2024. Therefore, it is safe to assume that we have plenty of time to place our bets on this betting line. However, you should bet on them before Bovada closes the betting. Because if you are a fan of the show, then you shouldn’t miss this one. The first show had its own Squid Game special bets. And now this is time for round two. This time, we know the nature of the writer, therefore we have an easier job at reading these early odds. However, things might get complicated once we learn about the new characters.

Will Red Light Green Light Appear In Season 2?

According to the IndieWire, the show has a great chance of winning an Emmy Award. Therefore, the easiest question on the Squid Game Season 2 betting lines is the following. Will Red Light Green Light appear in season 2? This was the first game of season 1, and the scene where it was featured left every viewer to be both shocked and hyped. Therefore, our opinion is that in Season 2 they are not going to miss a chance at displaying a different view of the things.


Red Light Green Light will probably appear, however, we will see how the hosts have prepared for Gi-Hun to try and sabotage the show. Therefore, they will make the participants hate Gi-Hun for lying about the rules, and accidentally killing others. Whether our prediction is right or wrong, the odds are the following:


  • Yes -120 
  • No -120

Will Seong Gi-Hun Die In Season 2?

The hardest part to predict at the Squid Game Season 2 betting is whether Gi-Hun dies or not during the show. Because it wouldn’t be a surprise to have a character such as him die. The show has been killing off important and highlighted characters before. The beauty of the show is that the moment we feel an attachment to the character, they get killed. Therefore, our prediction states that Seong Gi-Hun will probably not die in Season 2. Either way, this prompt comes with the following odds:


  • No -130
  • Yes -110

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Will Seong Gi-Hun Win In Season 2? – Squid Game Season 2 Betting Odds

The squid game season 2 betting is coming with nearly unpredictable items. Similar to this is the question of whether Gi-Hun wins another Squid Game, or not. Because on one hand, we have already seen him win. However, we haven’t seen him as someone who wants to kill others. On the other hand, we might also see an agreement between the two characters. Fans are stating that this is going to be the main question of Season 2. Whether humans could live together by leaving possessions behind. There are four possible outcomes for Gi-Hun in this season. Therefore, there are three possible ways for Gi-Hun to lose one way or another. However, there is only one way to win. Therefore, we have 1-3 chances for him to win. The odds for this betting are the following:


  • No – 130
  • Yes – 110

The Best Predictions And Opinions

According to Pocket-Lint, there are chances that we are going to see Season 2 late next year. Therefore, you should bet as fast as you came to the decision.

Because Bovada Sportsbook might close this betting line earlier than expected. Therefore, we have collected the best predictions for you to follow, if you have no clue about which options to pick:  

  • The chances are high for Green Light Red Light to appear in the show, therefore, you should bet on yes.
  • There are high chances for Seong Gi-Hun to die during season 2. However, it is nearly unpredictable. Therefore you should skip this betting line.
  • Seong Gi-Hun has 3 ways to lose in season 2, however, is only one way to win. Which is to eliminate everyone. Therefore, betting on him not winning is mathematically safer.

Where To Participate In The Squid Game Season 2 Betting

If you wish to bet on at least one of the Squid Game Season 2 betting lines, then you should visit Bovada Sportsbook. Every odd feature in this article is their courtesy. Furthermore, they are going to host more Squid Game betting lines. Therefore, Squid Game is one of the most interesting shows to bet on. Because the theme is already people betting on people’s lives in the show. So you can bet along with the characters as you watch the episodes.

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